Conferences: October 2011–May 2012

Several upcoming IEEE conferences deal with topics related to electric and hybrid vehicles

9 September 2011

IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference
Greenville, S.C.; 4–8 March 2012

Presentations cover topics including electric vehicle component design, motor drives, controllers, heating and cooling systems, and high-voltage wiring. Also discussed are power grid and renewable energy resource interfacing for mass deployment of EVs as well as the development of global standards for EVs and their impact on EV R&D and manufacturing.

SPONSORS: IEEE Electric Vehicle Committee and IEEE-USA

IEEE Power & Energy Society Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, Latin America
Medellin, Colombia; 19–21 October

Provides a forum for discussing smart-grid technologies and their potential applications in Latin America. Topics include plug-in hybrid vehicles; power and energy system applications; communications, control, and information systems supporting the smart grid; smart sensors; advanced metering infrastructure; and cybersecurity systems.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power & Energy Society

Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, Europe
Manchester, England; 5–7 December

Topics include grid and communications systems, modeling and deployment, virtual power plants, energy storage, and architectures and models for the smart grid. Also discussed are regulation and market operations of smart-grid technology, load forecasting, and network and service management.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power & Energy Society

IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems
Singapore; 5–8 December

Topics include motor drives, motion control, analysis and design of electric machines, power quality issues, traction and automotive systems, renewable energy technologies, biomedical power electronics, telecommunications power supplies, and micro-electromechanical systems.

SPONSORS: IEEE Industrial Applications, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, and Power & Energy societies

IEEE Jordan Conference on Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies
Amman, Jordan; 6–8 December

Covers potential applications of technology in Jordan and other developing countries. Topics include power quality issues related to smart grids and electric vehicles, electric power generation, renewable energy sources and technology, and smart networks’ reliability. Also discussed are motion and mechatronics control systems, wired and wireless networks, satellite and optical communications, and cloud computing.

SPONSOR: IEEE Jordan Section

IEEE Power & Energy Society Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition
Orlando, Fla.; 7–10 May 2012

Focuses on electric vehicle standards development, integrating wind and solar energy into transmission systems and distribution grids, energy storage systems, transmission and distribution system analysis and software tools, and smart-grid protection and control.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power Electronics Society
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