Find out Who Won the 2014 Annual Election

The results are in

20 March 2015

Here is the Tellers Committee’s tally of votes counted in the 2014 annual election and approved in November by the IEEE Board of Directors.

IEEE President-Elect, 2015

Barry L. Shoop 15,972

Tariq S. Durrani 14,831

Frederick C. Mintzer 14,056

IEEE Division Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2015

Division I

Maciej J. Ogorzalek 1,358

Rakesh Kumar 1,154

Renuka P. Jindal 947

Division III

Celia L. Desmond 3,651

Vijay K. Bhargava 3,635

Division V

Harold Javid 3,011

Paolo A. Montuschi 2,952

Division VII

Alan C. Rotz 2,498

John J. Paserba 1,907

Division IX

K.J. Ray Liu 2,527

René M. Garello 2,236

IEEE Region Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2015–2016

Region 2

Katherine J. Duncan 2,010

Carole C. Carey 1,251

Region 4

Bernard T. Sander 1,599

Hamid Vakilzadian 721

Region 6

Kathleen A. Kramer 4,244

Sundaram K. “S.K.” Ramesh 1,100

Region 8

Margaretha A.K. Eriksson 5,027

Magdalena Salazar-Palma 5,013

Region 10

Kukjin Chun 4,540

Stefan G. Mozar 3,248

Chun Che “Lance” Fung 3,093

IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors

Member-at-Large, 2015–2016

Mark Epstein 523

Philip C. Wennblom 452

Dennis B. Brophy 336

IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors

Member-at-Large, 2015–2016

Glenn W. Parsons 611

Alexander D. Gelman 365

Oleg Logvinov 334

IEEE Technical Activities

Vice President–Elect, 2015

José M.F. Moura 14,083

Douglas N. Zuckerman 13,991

IEEE-USA President-Elect, 2015

Peter Alan Eckstein 11,680

Keith D. Grzelak 8,624

IEEE-USA Member-At-Large, 2015–2016

Scott M. Tamashiro 12,506

Gim Soon Wan 7,790

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