IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Spectrum Are Among IEEE's Most Popular Sites

They were rated as favorites in a survey of Internet users

9 November 2015

The IEEE Xplore Digital Library is IEEE’s most often visited website, with IEEE Spectrum coming in a close second, according to a recent survey of how technical professionals access and use IEEE sites, the Internet, and social media. The survey by IEEE also looked at just how interested they are in apps. Nearly 1,350 members, student members, and nonmembers responded to an online questionnaire sent via e-mail during the third quarter of this year.


The survey asked respondents to rate their overall experience and satisfaction with different IEEE websites. It also asked what other sites they had accessed in the previous week, with which devices and browsers, and what they had searched for.

Respondents said they visited the IEEE Xplore,, and IEEE Spectrum websites more frequently than any of the other five IEEE sites listed in the survey. These included MyIEEE, the organization’s newsroom, and IEEE societies. The digital library and IEEE Spectrum were also highly rated for the overall visitor experience they offer. MyIEEE and were also rated favorably and showed considerable improvement since the last survey in 2013: Their overall satisfaction scores increased by 10 percentage points.

Most respondents said they read IEEE publications on a desktop or laptop computer more often than on a smartphone or tablet. When asked whether they would use IEEE content if it were available on smartphones or tablets at no additional cost, 43 percent of respondents said no, 36 percent said they were likely to do so, and 21 percent were neutral. And three-quarters said they were not interested in mobile apps from IEEE for such things as conference registration and publications. Not surprisingly, student members were more likely to view IEEE’s content on a smartphone or tablet and were more interested in apps from IEEE than nonstudents. And members from Asia (Region 10), and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (Region 8) were more interested in mobile content and apps than members from other regions


As part of the survey, respondents were asked to choose from among a list of 18 sites the ones they most often visited. YouTube was the top pick, visited by 73 percent of respondents. Wikipedia was next at 66 percent, followed by Facebook at 57 percent and LinkedIn at 54 percent. When asked which sites were used to access or share IEEE data, respondents most often said they used LinkedIn (23 percent), followed by Facebook (21 percent) and YouTube (14 percent).

Respondents were most likely to browse the Web using Google Chrome, followed by Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. When asked what they do most often on the Internet, more than three-quarters of respondents said they were looking for technical material. Nearly everyone preferred to use a desktop or laptop computer rather than a smartphone or tablet to access work-related information. Mobile devices were reserved mostly for personal matters.

For more information about the findings, e-mail Lesleigh Campanale, manager for IEEE Strategic Research, the group that conducted the survey.

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