Proposed Amendment to the IEEE Constitution

Members are asked to vote on the revisions

20 March 2015

UPDATE: Since this article was published, the IEEE Board of Directors has withdrawn this proposed amendment.

The IEEE Board of Directors has proposed revisions to the IEEE Constitution designed to update the document and accomplish the following:

  • better define IEEE membership
  • eliminate operational procedures that are currently well defined in, or more appropriate for, the IEEE bylaws or other lower-level governing documents
  • better define the roles of the IEEE Assembly and its delegates, which are separate from the roles of IEEE directors, as detailed in the bylaws
  • create a closer tie to IEEE’s Certificate of Incorporation, the document that legally establishes the organization
  • change the voting requirement for amending the constitution to at least two-thirds of those voting in an annual election, removing the current requirement of achieving a 10 percent return rate of ballots

The Board of Directors endorsed the proposed amendment at its August 2014 meeting and asks the members to vote yes on the proposed amendment, which will be a part of the 2015 IEEE annual election ballot.

To adopt this amendment, an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all ballots cast is required, provided the total number of those voting is at least 10 percent of all IEEE’s members who are eligible to vote.

For more details on the revisions, visit the IEEE Elections page. You can also read the procedure on how to oppose proposed revisions (IEEE Policies, Section 13.7).

Parviz Famouri is the 2015 IEEE secretary.

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