Seeking Nominees for Volunteer Positions

Looking for IEEE volunteers to serve as officers or on committees of the IEEE Board of Directors

8 January 2009

It’s nomination time again, and IEEE is looking for individuals with the qualifications, leadership skills, and commitment to volunteer as IEEE officers or to serve on committees of the IEEE Board of Directors. The IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee seeks nominees for the following:

IEEE President-Elect

Assembly-Elected Officers:

Vice President, Educational Activities

Vice President, Publication Services and Products

IEEE Secretary

IEEE Treasurer

IEEE Standing Committees:


Awards Board

Conferences (chair only)

Employee Benefits & Compensation

Ethics and Member Conduct



Individual Benefits and Services

Infrastructure Oversight

Nominations and Appointments

Strategic Planning


Women in Engineering


DEADLINES The deadline for submitting nominations for standing committee chairs, as well as for a student member of the IEEE Women in Engineering Committee, is 1 March. You have until 1 July to submit nominations for standing committee members, IEEE Assembly-elected officers, and President-Elect.

ELIGIBILITY Each position has eligibility requirements and specific qualifications on which the N&A Committee evaluates potential candidates. The requirements are available at

WHO CAN NOMINATE? Anyone may submit a nomination; you need not be an IEEE member. Self-nominations are encouraged. An IEEE organizational unit may submit recommendations, provided that its governing body or the body’s designee has endorsed the nominee.

HOW TO NOMINATE Review the eligibility requirements and specific qualifications for the positions, and then complete the nomination form at

  • Self-nominations: Include your name, desired position or positions, qualifications, list of accomplishments, and biography. A template is provided in the nomination form
  • Peer nominations: Include the nominee’s name, recommended positions, and a brief explanation of the qualifications that make him/her an ideal candidate.

Nominations that do not contain the required information will not be considered. A person may be nominated for more than one position. Nominators do not need to contact their nominees prior to submitting the form. The N&A Committee will contact all eligible nominees to ascertain their willingness to serve and to obtain additional information if necessary.

THE PROCESS The N&A Committee is responsible for making recommendations for IEEE officers elected by the IEEE Assembly. The committee also makes recommendations for IEEE President-Elect and chairs and members of standing committees to the IEEE Board of Directors. The Board does the final ratification of appointments. The Board also approves the President-Elect candidates to be included on the IEEE Annual Election ballot. The voting membership of the IEEE elects the President-Elect.

FURTHER INFORMATION To learn more about the positions, including qualifications, job descriptions, and estimates of the amount of time each one requires, visit

—Jamieson is chair of the 2009 IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee

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