Books of Interest: December 2011

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6 December 2011

Here’s a sample of titles available for free to IEEE members from the IEEE eBook Classics collection. To find the e-books, log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE member Web account (make sure first to sign out of your institutional account if you’re using one). Click on Books in the left-hand navigation menu, then click on the Classics tab to browse the titles. Once you find a book of interest, click on the title to go to its home page, which has an abstract, bibliography, the table of contents, and the cover image.


The Best of the Best: 50 Years of Communications and Networking Research
Edited by William H. Tranter, Desmond P. Taylor, Rodger E. Ziemer, Nicholas F. Maxemchuk, and Jon W. Mark (2007)

The 50 papers collected here are considered the best of those published during the previous 50 years in IEEE Communications Society journals. An introductory essay discusses the papers’ historical significance as well as why they were selected. The book divides the papers into two categories—communications and networking—and groups them by decade within those subdivisions.


Network Security: Current Status and Future Directions
By Christos Douligeris and Dimitrios N. Serpanos (2007)

Provides an overview of network security issues and methodologies at an architectural and research level. Leading experts discuss developments in network security protocols, architectures, and policy. Other topics include secure routing, designing firewalls, mobile agent and Bluetooth security, wireless sensor networks, and securing digital content. Contributors to the book analyze research activities, proposals, and trends, and consider the future of the industry.


Digital Transmission Engineering, Second Edition
By John B. Anderson (2005)

This introduction to digital data transmission, modulation, and error-correction coding is suitable for anyone involved in mechanical engineering or computer science. Emphasis is given to the underlying mathematical, communication, and information theories and engineering practice. This edition presents more in- depth explanations of key ideas than did the first edition, as well as expanded coverage of the wireless communication field.


Trellis and Turbo Coding
By Christian B. Schlegel and Lance C. Pérez (2004)

Trellis coding and turbo coding are used to compress and clean communications signals for greater bandwidth and clarity. The book, which presents the basics, theory, and applications of the techniques, provides a foundation for people working in digital communications.

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