Books of Interest: June 2012

Topics include cloud computing, biology, and data mining

7 June 2012

Here’s a selection of books published by Wiley-IEEE Press. IEEE members receive a 15 percent discount by using promo code 18493 when ordering from Wiley.

book cover, cloud computing

Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing
By Eric Bauer and Randee Adams
(August 2012, US $79.95, 300 pp.)

Aimed at Internet security specialists and IT architects; developers; and program, product, and quality managers responsible for cloud applications. Topics include reliability, meeting customer expectations, and service availability. The book also covers how to choose the right design for your application and how best to employ virtualization and cloud computing.


book cover, understanding geometric algebra for EM theory

Understanding Geometric Algebra for Electromagnetic Theory
By John W. Arthur
(September 2011, $125, 320 pp.)

Geared to those with basic knowledge of electro­magnetic theory—mostly scientists and engineers as well as postgraduate students and senior undergraduates who want to broaden their knowledge of the subject.


book cover, data mining

Data Mining: Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms, Second Edition
By Mehmed Kantardzic
(August 2011, $110, 552 pp.)

Covers techniques for analyzing enormous quantities of raw data in high-dimensional data spaces. Readers learn to analyze large data sets through explanations of concepts, models, and techniques developed in recent years.


book cover, epistemology of the cell

Epistemology of the Cell: A Systems Perspective on Biological Knowledge
By Edward R. Dougherty and Michael L. Bittner
(August 2011, $110, 216 pp.)

Biomedical engineers need a systematic knowledge of the cell if they’re to perform effective data handling, which this textbook addresses. It deals with issues such as how biology is studied and how biological knowledge is translated into medical applications and discusses the history of our understanding of scientific knowledge, the scientific method, and the manner in which scientific knowledge is represented in mathematics.


book cover, mobile robots

Mobile Robots: Navigation, Control, and Remote Sensing
By Gerald Cook
(June 2011, $99.95, 324 pp.)

Explores a variety of models and methods. Included are the use of Lyapunov stability theory for nonlinear control design, the derivation of optimal control strategies via Pontryagin’s maximum principle, and the derivation of a local coordinate system—which is fundamental to steering vehicles along new paths. Also covered are GPS, inertial navigation systems, and coordinate rotations and transformations.

Images: Wiley-IEEE Press

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