Books of Interest: March 2012

A selection of free publications from the IEEE eBook Classics collection

5 March 2012

Here’s a sample of titles available free to members from the IEEE eBook Classics collection. To find the e-books, log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE member Web account (make sure first to sign out of your institutional account if you’re using one). Click on Books in the left-hand navigation menu, then click on the Classics tab to browse the titles. Once you find a book of interest, click on the title to go to its home page, which has an abstract, a bibliography, the table of contents, and the cover image.



Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics
Edited by Gary B. Fogel, David W. Corne, and Yi Pan (2007)

Combining biology, computer science, mathematics, and statistics, the field of bioinformatics has become increasingly popular. This book introduces the topic, covering popular computational intelligence methods and their applications to research.



Communication Patterns of Engineers
By Carol Tenopir and Donald W. King (2004)

Provides an overview of how engineers communicate and compares their communication patterns with those of professionals in science and medicine. Also presents ways to improve communication skills.



Bio-Medical Telemetry: Sensing and Transmitting Biological Information From Animals and Man, Second Edition
By R.S. MacKay (2002)

Aimed at medical practitioners, biologists, and biomedical engineers, this edition describes methods for studying subjects electronically without interfering with their normal behavior patterns. Topics include ultrasonic radio methods for telemetering and satellite and underwater tracking. The book covers the development and application of the first swallowable radio transmitter, which can be tracked as it travels along a gastrointestinal tract.



Design of High-Performance Microprocessor Circuits
Edited by Anantha Chandrakasan, William J. Bowhill, and Frank Fox (2001)

Explores the design of microprocessors in deep submicron CMOS technologies. All levels of system abstraction are considered, with an emphasis on circuit design. Processors from AMD, Digital/Compaq, IBM, Intel, MIPS, Mitsubishi, Motorola, and other companies are described. Other topics include low-power devices, logic families, robust dynamic circuits, asynchronous logic, self-timed pipelines, and fast arithmetic units.



Hargrave's Communications Dictionary
By Frank Hargrave (2001)

From “ATM” to “zone paging,” this reference book contains more than 10 000 communications terms. Many of the descriptions rely on charts, graphs, equations, and references to IEEE standards. Real-world examples associated with voice and data communications are included, as well as terminology from other areas, such as optics, computer science, data networks, and the Internet.



Accelerated Stress Testing Handbook: Guide for Achieving Quality Products
Edited by H. Anthony Chan and Paul J. Englert (2001)

Delineates a core set of practices for making hardware more reliable. The techniques presented teach how to identify design deficiencies and problems due to component quality or manufacturing processes that show up early in a product's life, as well as what corrective actions to take. Topics include best practices, design and manufacturing processes, and testing techniques.

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