Books of Interest: March 2008

Here is a selection of new books from Wiley-IEEE Press

7 March 2008

Here is a selection of new books from Wiley-IEEE Press. Members receive a 15 percent discount by using the promotional code INSA2 when ordering from


madSoftware Process Dynamics
By Raymond J. Madachy (January 2008, US $84.95, 601 pp.)

The title of this book refers to an important method for modeling the complex and interacting effects of software development. This introduction to the subject shows readers how to find better information about interrelated technical and social factors so as to improve the software development process.


leeModern Heuristic Optimization Techniques: Theory and Applications to Power Systems
Edited by Kwang Y. Lee and Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi (February 2008, $99.95, 616 pp.)

This book offers a comprehensive general overview of the wide range of modern heuristic optimization techniques. These are trial-and-error methods of problem solving used when an algorithmic approach is impractical. The authors provide a wealth of information for practicing engineers.

Topics include the fundamentals of evolutionary computation, genetic algorithms, evolutionary programming and strategies, and an overview of power system applications.


behzadWireless LAN Radios: System Definition to Transistor Design
By Arya Behzad (December 2007, $79.95, 241 pp.)

It is becoming more and more important for LAN system and circuit designers to have a better grasp of WLAN applications applied to the design of next-generation radios. Behzad covers theory in this high-level overview while also emphasizing the practical aspects of radio design for wireless LAN systems.


brewNonvolatile Memory Technologies With Emphasis on Flash: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Using NVM Devices
Edited by Joseph E. Brewer and Manzur Gill (January 2008, $135, 759 pp.)

This authoritative reference guide for nonvolatile-memory users covers all variations of flash technology, including memory chips, and binary cell and multilevel cell technology. Topics include basic device structures and related process technologies, principles of operation, circuit design, overall design trade-offs, device testing, reliability, and applications.


fogelComputational Intelligence in Bioinformatics
Edited by Gary B. Fogel, David W. Corne, and Yi Pan (December 2007, $79.95, 355 pp.)

An introduction to computational intelligence methods and applications, this book highlights the importance of such methods for a diverse range of bioinformatics problems, and it highlights some of the field’s recent successes.


xiuVLSI Circuit Design Methodology Demystified: A Conceptual Taxonomy
By Liming Xiu (November 2007, $69.95, 202 pp.)

Because of its complexity and fast-changing nature, VLSI circuit design is not widely taught in universities or even well understood by many engineers. Written by an industry expert, this book aims to change that by featuring questions and answers about VLSI circuit design. It relies on up-to-date, real-world design examples to demonstrate how to diagnose and attack common problems in a practical way.


Featured Author
aryaArya Behzad On Bridging The Design Gap

Textbooks have typically treated wireless LAN system design and radio design as separate topics. But many recent improvements in wireless LAN systems—such as greater reliability at lower cost—are partly due to better radio design, says IEEE Senior Member Arya Behzad. So he combined the two types of design in his new book, Wireless LAN Radios: System Definition to Transistor Design. With it he hopes to “bridge the gap between circuit and system design.”

The book describes the various IEEE 802.11 wireless standards and their impact on radio design. It also examines the different types of radio architecture and their effect on the cost of wireless systems. Anyone studying or working in wireless LAN design, communication theory, or radio design could benefit from the book, says Behzad, director of engineering in the mobile and wireless business unit of Broadcom Corp., in San Diego, and a Broadcom Distinguished Engineer.

The idea for the book came after he taught a course on WLAN radio design at an IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco. It was so popular that several people suggested he write a book and elaborate on the topics he discussed.

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