Books of Interest: December 2008

Here is a selection of new books from Wiley-IEEE Press

5 December 2008

Here is a selection of new books from Wiley-IEEE Press. Members receive a 15 percent discount by using the promotional code INSA2 when ordering from

wbWireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence

By Vern Fotheringham and Chetan Sharma
(November 2008, US $85, 254 pp.)

This resource for telecommunication industry decision makers and investors covers issues likely to affect the future market for wireless services. The authors discuss emerging technologies, service delivery options, applications, and digital content that will shape the next phase of the wireless revolution. They provide a historical perspective for current and upcoming developments and analyze the state of wireless and broadband technology.



iepIntroduction to Electrical Power Systems

By Mohamed E. El-Hawary
(October 2008, $110, 394 pp.)

This comprehensive text discusses the modern electric power system, centering on the technical aspects of power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization. After an overview of electric power and machine theory fundamentals, El-Hawary describes various applications, including synchronous machines, transformers, and electric motors. A look at the present and future direction of the electrical power field rounds out the book.



handHandbook of Large Turbo-Generator Operation and Maintenance, 2nd Edition

By Geoff Klempner and Isidor Kerszenbaum
(September 2008, $140, 856 pp.)

For operators and inspectors of large utility and industrial generating facilities, this handbook deals with how to maintain and operate turbine-driven generators of varying sizes, origins, and vintages. Also described are operational problems and failure modes that occur in generating stations and other power facilities.



wiMobile WiMax

Edited by Kwang-Cheng Chen and J. Roberto B. de Marca
(April 2008, $140, 400 pp.)

The first book to cover one of the hottest topics in wireless communications today, Mobile WiMax summarizes the technology’s fundamental theory and practice. The authors explain topics at an introductory level and then move on to advanced subjects including standards, physical layer transmission, and multimedia networking.



ipIP Multicast With Applications to IPTV and Mobile DVB-H

By Daniel Minoli
(April 2008, $89.95, 376 pp.)

This guide to Internet Protocol multicast technology and its applications focuses on IP-based television (IPTV) and digital video broadcast-handheld (DVB-H) applications. The authors explain how traditional phone companies apply IP multicast technology to deliver video services, how cellphone companies can use it to stream video to handheld phones and PDAs, and how cable TV companies can upgrade to IP technology. The book is meant for engineers in communications or Internet design, content providers, and researchers. It can also be used as a college textbook.



Featured author
elEl-Hawary Presents A Power Primer

Need to bone up on the basics of power engineering? Then take a look at Mohamed E. El-Hawary’s latest book, Introduction to Electrical Power Systems.

After spending the last 40 years teaching all aspects of power systems at companies and universities around the world, El-Hawary decided it was time to write a book for newcomers to the field.

“This book is based on previous ones I’ve written, but I’ve simplified the complex topics—something I love to do,” says the IEEE Life Fellow, who has authored or edited more than a dozen textbooks on power engineering.

There’s no time like the present to get into power engineering, El-Hawary adds, because “there’s going to be a large demand for electric-power engineers due to an aging workforce that will be retiring soon in huge numbers.”

The illustrated text details the essentials of electric-power systems. It covers how electric power is generated, transmitted, and used. Other topics include the operational characteristics of power systems; system control, protection, and stability; the interconnection of the devices used in the systems; and the challenges system operators face.

El-Hawary, a consultant to utilities and government organizations, is editor of the Wiley-IEEE Press series of power-engineering books.

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