Books of Interest: September 2010

Here's a sample of titles available for free to members from the IEEE eBook Classics collection

8 September 2010

Here's a sample of titles available for free to members from the IEEE eBook Classics collection. To find these e-books, log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE Web account. Click on Books in the left-hand Browse navigation menu. Next, click on the Classics tab to browse the titles. Once you find a book you’re interested in, click on the title to go to its home page, which contains an abstract, bibliographic information, a table of contents, and an image of the cover.

webb Tele-Visionaries: The People Behind the Invention of Television

By Richard C. Webb (September 2005)

The book provides a historic account, examining the challenges that delayed television's progress early on and exploring the development of color TV, including the people behind the inventions and the role played by the motion picture industry.

andDigital Transmission Engineering, 2nd Edition

By John B. Anderson (July 2005)

This introduction to digital data transmission, modulation, and error-correction coding covers the underlying communication and information theory and is aimed at those involved in mechanical engineering or computer science. The second edition provides more extensive explanations of key ideas, with additional examples and problems. It also covers wireless communication, synchronization, radio channels, and wireless communications.

kowaFatal Exit: The Automotive Black Box Debate

By Thomas M. Kowalick (February 2005)

Although black boxes have been installed in millions of cars, motorists continue to have concerns about the widespread use of the event data recorder technology. This book documents the decades-long debate among the automotive industry, government regulators, and safety and privacy advocates. It presents both sides of the argument and includes suggestions for safeguarding driver privacy.

rauOptimization Principles: Practical Applications to the Operation and Markets of the Electric Power Industry

By Narayan S. Rau (September 2003)

This overview covers such topics as matrix algebra fundamentals, deregulated electricity markets, and nonlinear optimization. It includes applications that address system dispatch, market design, and material procurement. Appendices provide a brief description of the basic principles of electricity and the development of network equations. Readers may download the exercises and their solutions from a Web site.

sharifManaging Projects in Telecommunication Services

By Mostafa Hashem Sherif (February 2006)

The author explains the benefits of an integrated approach to project management. The book draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including organizational management, motivation, quality control, and software engineering. Case studies are used to demonstrate the benefits of effective project management and the consequences of poor planning.

chanAccelerated Stress Testing Handbook: Guide for Achieving Quality Products

Edited by H. Anthony Chan and Paul J. Englert (May 2001)

The techniques covered in the handbook teach readers how to identify design deficiencies with component quality or manufacturing processes, and what corrective actions to take. Topics include best practices, equipment, and safety qualifications. Case studies are included.

hargraveHargrave's Communications Dictionary

By Frank Hargrave (January 2001)

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by all the jargon used in technical books and articles about the communications field? From ATM to zone paging, this publication contains more than 10 000 definitions of key phrases and acronyms. It also includes charts and equations.

kodaliEngineering Electromagnetic Compatibility: Principles, Measurements, Technologies, and Computer Models, 2nd Edition

By V. Prasad Kodali (January 2001)

This edition explains how to avoid costly post-design electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) fixes. The book features a comprehensive introduction to the technology and covers sources of electromagnetic interference (EMI), EMC/EMI measurements, technologies to control interference, computer simulation and design, and international standards. Each new chapter has expanded assignments and illustrative examples, and there's a new appendix that lists a bibliography, key standards, and relevant Web sites.

khooPhysiological Control Systems: Analysis, Simulation, and Estimation

By Michael C.K. Khoo (October 1999)

Many medical diagnostic techniques and therapeutic innovations have resulted from physiological systems modeling. This book explains the principles of control theory, systems analysis, and model identification used in physiological regulation. Topics include classical control theory's application to physiological systems; system identification, optimal control, and nonlinear dynamical analysis; modeling and stability analysis; and feedback control in physiological regulatory mechanisms.

midAn Introduction to Statistical Communication Theory: An IEEE Press Classic Reissue

By David Middleton (May 1996)

Topics include signal detection, estimation, measurement, and information transfer. The book also focuses on physical modeling of the canonical channel with examples relating to radar, sonar, and general telecommunications. Also covered are special functions, integrals, and solutions to integral equations.

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