Books of Interest: June 2011

Here's a sample of free titles from the IEEE eBook Classics collection

6 June 2011

Here's a sample of titles available for free to IEEE members from the IEEE eBook Classics collection. To find the e-books, log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE Web account. Click on Books in the left-hand navigation menu, then click on the Classics tab to browse the titles. Once you find a book of interest, click on the title to go to its home page, where you'll see an abstract, bibliographic information, the table of contents, and a cover image.

Essential Communication Strategies for Scientists, Engineers, and Technology Professionals
By Herbert L. Hirsch (2005)


Learn how to become a great technical communicator. Pitching an idea, vying for a contract or grant, and presenting at a meeting involve skills that can be essential for success. This practical guide, geared to technical professionals, covers the communication dynamics of writing, presentation delivery, and meeting interaction.

Also discussed are the fundamentals of communication, including how to grab the audience's attention from the start; how to maintain the connection while proceeding from topic to topic; how to substantiate your points; how to communicate with marketers, investors, and others; and how to overcome such obstacles as fear, boredom, and a lack of interest in your own material.

Electricity Economics: Regulation and Deregulation
By Geoffrey Rothwell and Tomas Gómez (2003)


Electric utilities have been undergoing profound changes. Nationally owned systems are being privatized, privately owned systems that were previously regulated are being deregulated, and national systems are becoming international. This text was written as a manual for the Russian Federal Energy Commission to train regional electricity rate regulators in the principles of economics and finance involved in regulating electricity markets and deregulating electricity generation. The book, which requires no familiarity with economics and uses minimal mathematics, provides professionals in the power sector with the tools to face the new realities of electric utility operation.

Antenna Theory and Design
By Robert S. Elliott (2003)

book 3

First published in 1981, this revised book covers fundamental methods of analysis for predicting the electromagnetic behavior of nearly everything that radiates. After more than two decades, it remains a key resource for students, professors, researchers, and engineers who require a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The book is part of the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Wave Theory, which consists of new titles of contemporary interest as well as reissues and revisions of respected classics.

Writing in the Technical Fields: A Step-by-Step Guide for Engineers, Scientists, and Technicians
By Mike Markel (1994)


Reviewing the basics of good technical writing, this book provides a simple, effective system for writing different technical documents, including letters, memos, minutes, procedures, manuals, proposals, progress reports, and final reports. Readers learn how to improve the coherence of their writing, how to write better sentences, and more.

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