E-books on Health Technologies

They cover medical records, imaging, and simulation

4 June 2015

Here’s a sample of IEEE e-books that focus on health technologies. To view the books, log in to the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and click on “Books & eBooks” in the left-hand navigation menu. You can then browse or search by title and download PDFs of excerpts of selected chapters. To order books, visit Wiley.com.

  • Electronic Health Record: Standards, Coding Systems, Frameworks, and Infrastructures


    A comprehensive guide to the increasing role of IT in health care, covering digital health records, medical coding systems and frameworks, and the design and development of interoperable health care systems and applications. Also included is a compendium of electronic health record standards, a glossary of frequently used terms, and a discussion of the security and reliability of health care data.

  • Medical Image Analysis, Second Edition

    BY ATAM P. DHAWAN (2011)

    An in-depth resource for advanced medical imaging and analysis techniques. Chapters cover functional magnetic-resonance, diffusion-tensor, and diffusion-weighted imaging, as well as ultrasound and 3-D dynamic-contrast ultrasound imaging. Computer-aided diagnosis and image-guided surgery is covered in a separate section. This edition also includes information for performing intelligent image interpretation and understanding data collection, image reconstruction, and computerized image analysis.

  • Information Technologies in Medicine, Medical Simulation and Education


    A survey of developments in virtual reality for use in medical education and in simulated surgeries, examinations, and reconstruction and rehabilitation treatment. The book also explores how virtual reality can be used for telemedicine and to train surgeons.

  • Bio-Medical Telemetry: Sensing and Transmitting Biological Information From Animals and Man

    BY R. STUART MACKAY (1993)

    An in-depth resource that provides insights into how various components and systems evolved. It covers electricity, magnetism, Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory, and a host of lesser-known theories and wireless experiments. Chapters include a chronology of wireless communication developments, the evolution of electromagnetics in the 19th century, and the contributions of Oliver Heaviside, Nikola Tesla, and others.

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