Four Ways IEEE Collabratec Can Benefit You

The online platform provides engineers with tools to innovate

10 February 2016

You may have heard of IEEE Collabratec, a platform that recently launched to help engineers and technology professionals from around the world meet and work together in one virtual space. But you might not realize all the ways it can be useful to you and your career.

Here are four things to consider.


    Brainstorming and creating with other people can be one of the keys to innovation. IEEE Collabratec makes it easier to do so through its online communities, which people can join based on their areas of interest or geographic location. They can use the search tool to find others by university, employer, or engineering field. People have joined many of the 70-plus online communities, where they are making connections, asking questions, and providing expertise to their technical peers.

    After making virtual connections, users can communicate with people from all around the world and form private groups to collaborate on projects, exchanging ideas at all hours. More than 400 private groups have been formed.

    To learn more about how the platform can help you network, read “IEEE Collabratec: Changing How Technologists Meet and Innovate.”


    With the integration of the IEEE Job Site, users can discover thousands of engineering openings, with new ones added daily. Those who sign up will find the listings under the Opportunities tab in the main menu. Search results can be narrowed by location, technical field, and the date the position was posted. Job seekers can then save listings that interest them and share opportunities with others in their networks.

    Those on the site are able to take advantage of the IEEE RésuméLab, which can help them write better résumés and cover letters, build professional portfolios online, and create a video résumé. And they can access IEEE-USA’s Salary Calculator to determine how much they should be getting paid.

    Read “IEEE Collabratec Can Help You Find a Job” to discover what other career resources are available.


    IEEE volunteers are using the platform to engage their communities—whether societies, branches, chapters, or affinity groups—to connect their members and spark conversations. Some are using it to raise awareness of what is going on in the engineering field in their area, such as conferences and new projects. Others are connecting with IEEE’s young professionals and women engineers across the globe.

    Find out how volunteers are using the platform in the article “The Drivers Behind IEEE Collabratec.”


    The authoring tools make it possible to cowrite research articles and store and share materials in one place. For example, users can build a library in which they and their collaborators gather research from sources such as the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and Google Scholar, then catalog and organize documents to suit their workflow.

    Another resource is Overleaf, a tool for collaborative authoring in LaTeX, commonly used by authors of technical documents—which makes it easier to create projects and work with colleagues on articles. It also provides a simple way to help authors retrieve citations and build bibliographies.

    To learn more, read “For Your Next Research Paper, Work With IEEE Collabratec” and watch videos on how IEEE Collabratec can help you be more efficient.

IEEE membership offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities for those who share a common interest in technology. If you are not already a member, consider joining IEEE and becoming part of a worldwide network of more than 400,000 students and professionals.

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