IEEE Provides Resources for Green Information and Communication Technology

Technical community, publications, and tutorials are among the offerings

3 March 2016

IEEE provides a host of resources for helping engineers improve the energy efficiency of ICT technology.


The IEEE Green ICT initiative’s Web portal contains information on articles, standards, upcoming conferences, and case studies of projects involving green information and communication technology.


From the Web portal, you can join the IEEE Green ICT Technical Community. The group helps promote IEEE’s role in advancing green ICT technology. It does so by furthering research, organizing conferences, and analyzing the impact of existing projects. Its members also participate in discussions of research topics and recent developments.


Several journals and transactions have published special reports that cover how to make technology more environmentally friendly. They include IEEE Network, IEEE Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, and IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology.

For example, the May/June 2014 issue of IEEE Software magazine published “Green Software: Greening What and How Much?” The article covers ICT systems that make industrial processes more efficient, reducing waste and using less raw material, and help protect the environment.

IEEE Access, which publishes open access articles, ran “Green Internet of Things for Smart World” in November. The article highlights ways to reduce energy consumption of technologies involving the Internet of Things, such as the cloud and wireless sensor networks.

The IEEE Communications Society in December launched the “Green Communications and Networking” series of articles in its IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. The series will cover topics such as energy harvesting and storage, the smart grid, and government policies and regulations for reducing the ICT industry’s CO2 emissions.

The initiative this year plans to launch its own transactions composed of technical peer-reviewed papers as well as a magazine with articles on the topic.

Look for the publications in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


Tutorials on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of technologies and their networks are being offered at IEEE conferences. Look for the tutorials this year on the initiative’s Web portal.

IEEE’s eLearning Library, which you can find in the IEEE Xplore Courses section, has several tutorials. Topics include sustainable green energy; wind turbine design and manufacturing; and green production management for “lean manufacturing,” which refers to the process of reducing waste while producing a better product.

This article is part of our March 2016 special report on green ICT.

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