IEEE Xplore Adds Bell Labs Technical Journal

Nearly a century’s worth of information- and communications-technology articles

14 July 2014

The IEEE Xplore Digital Library now has a wider selection of technical articles on telecommunications, computer science, and engineering, with the addition of Bell Labs Technical Journal. Thanks to a partnership between IEEE and Alcatel-Lucent, more than 6,000 articles have been added—some going as far back as 1922—on key technologies both from the company’s research arm, Bell Labs, and from Alcatel. They cover such topics as photonics, spatial multiplexing, radio technologies, and software systems.

Moreover, the journal’s quarterly print edition will be discontinued and replaced by an online-only bimonthly version. Each article will be about five pages long.

“IEEE is dedicated to curating a library of cutting-edge content for the engineering community that helps educate and empower them to advance technology for the benefit of humanity,” says Jacek Zurada, vice president of IEEE Technical Activities. “In our ongoing commitment to this mission, we are pleased to enhance our collection with nearly a century of peer-reviewed journals that are recognized for significant contributions to advancing information and communications technology.”

The articles come from the archives of the journal’s various iterations: the Bell Laboratories System Technical Journal (1922-1983), AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal (1984), and AT&T Technical Journal (1985-1996). Seminal papers in the archives include Claude Shannon’s “A Mathematical Theory of Communication,” which, published in 1948, is credited with launching the field of information theory. 

“The IEEE audience will gain tremendous insights from the Bell Labs articles as we continue to apply our unique collaborative research approach to answering the great challenges in information and communications technology,” says Marcus Weldon, president of Bell Labs and CTO of Alcatel-Lucent.

“With more than 4 million readers coming to IEEE Xplore each month,” he adds, “this partnership will introduce a new audience to discoveries—both old and new—that the Bell Labs Technical Journal was well known for in the last century.”

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