Group to Spur Standards Activity in India

First Standards Interest Group forms in India

6 May 2011

IEEE has formed a Standards Interest Group, in India, the first such group of its kind. It will work to get the country's technical community involved in global standards development as well as take leadership roles, help it understand the importance of standards, and explore the need for India-specific standards.

"IEEE has identified that India is moving away from service-oriented industries toward research and development activities, and I feel the best way for the country to compete is with Indian products that adhere to global standards," says Srikanth Chandrasekaran, chair of the SIG. Chandrasekaran, who is a CAD manager for the technology solutions organization of Freescale Semiconductor of Noida, has been active in standards development for more than eight years. He is an IEEE Standards Association member and also technical chair of Accellera's Verilog-AMS standard for behavioral modeling of analog, mixed-signal design. Accellera is an industry organization focused on developing EDA and IC standards.

"A lot of people know IEEE, but only a handful know it has a standards forum," Chandrasekaran says. "They may hear about standards, but they are not aware of the process involved in starting a working group and participating in standards development nor do they fully appreciate the benefits that can come from such participation."

In the works since last year, the SIG initiative was driven by the IEEE Bangalore Section in India, with support from the IEEE Standards Association. Relying on a blog and outreach sessions, the section obtained feedback from the Indian engineering community about which areas could benefit most from standards activities.

"Our role is to help the engineering community understand what it takes to standardize something, why you want to do so, and how to go about it," Chandrasekaran says. "We want to start developing Indian standards and generate leaders who not only participate but actually drive the development. We will also consider how Indian companies can develop products according to standards so the country competes at the same level with others involved in standards development."

Chandrasekaran notes that the SIG will be working in six areas: software/IT, VLSI/EDA, wireless and computer networking, energy efficiency/smart grid, and cloud computing, as well as raising awareness of the standardization process in educational institutions.

To get involved, visit the India Standards Initiative Web page.

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