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A selection of new IEEE standards

7 June 2010

ISO/IEEE Std. 11073-10472-2010,
released March 2010

From the International Organization for Standardization/IEEE Health Informatics, the Personal Health Device Communication Part 10472: Device Specialization–Medication Monitor Standard covers communications between personal medication-monitoring devices and compute engines with plug-and-play interoperability. The standard specifies the term codes, formats, and behaviors for telehealth applications. It also defines a common core of communications functions for the monitoring devices. Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies.


IEEE Std. 692-2010,
released February 2010

The IEEE Standard Criteria for Security Systems for Nuclear Power Generating Stations outlines the criteria for designing, testing, and maintaining security equipment at nuclear power facilities. The standard describes the equipment needed for security-related detection, assessment, surveillance, access control, communication, and data acquisition for permanent or temporarily installed systems and components.


IEEE Std. 802.1X-2010,
released February 2010 

The IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks—Port-Based Network Access Control explains how network administrators can restrict the use of IEEE 802 LAN service access points, or ports, to secure communications between authenticated and authorized devices. The standard specifies the architecture, functional elements, and protocols that support mutual authentication between ports attached to the same LAN, as well as the secure communications between them.


IEEE Std. 1685-2009,
released February 2010

The IEEE Standard for IP-XACT, Standard Structure for Packaging, Integrating, and Reusing IP Within Tool Flows is used to formulate conformance verifications for XML data describing electronic systems. The standard covers metadata for components, systems, bus interfaces, and connections. It also presents file set descriptions in automating the design, verification, documentation, and use flows. Also provided are a set of semantic consistency rules and a description of a generator interface that is portable across tool environments.

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