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Video on the Global Impact of IEEE Standards

The organization is working hard to build a consensus across each continent

18 February 2015
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IEEE Spreads the Message Around the World About the Importance of Standards

13 February 2015
The IEEE Standards Association counsels key groups on the need for devices and systems to operate seamlessly

Working Toward the Next Generation of Networks

8 December 2014
IEEE standards projects aim to advance SDNs

Industry Standards and Technology Organization Turns 15

20 October 2014
IEEE-ISTO works to make industry alliances and associations successful

Standards That Support Big Data

8 September 2014
Covering a variety of applications

IEEE’s Industry Connections Program Celebrates Five Years

22 August 2014
A collaborative environment for developing shared results

Helping Augmented Reality Reach Its Potential

21 July 2014
Several IEEE activities bring awareness to the technology’s possibilities

Advancing Smart Cities

12 June 2014
Covering applications to build more-intelligent communities

The National Electric Safety Code Explained

16 May 2014
The standard has saved lives for 100 years

Most Widely Adopted Safety Code Celebrates 100 Years

14 May 2014
The National Electrical Safety Code has saved lives around the world