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Advancing Smart Cities

Covering applications to build more-intelligent communities

12 June 2014
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The National Electric Safety Code Explained

16 May 2014
The standard has saved lives for 100 years

Most Widely Adopted Safety Code Celebrates 100 Years

14 May 2014
The National Electrical Safety Code has saved lives around the world

Standards That Advance Transportation Electrification

7 April 2014
Covering applications that help upgrade the industry

Smarter Sensors

14 March 2014
Making the Internet of Things soar

Setting the Stage for the Internet of Things

14 March 2014
Covering a spectrum of applications

Black Boxes Make Headlines in Recent News

20 February 2014
One IEEE member weighs in on growing concerns over data collection in cars

Keeping Your Car’s Data Private

7 February 2014
IEEE standard protects from prying eyes the information being recorded

Cloud Standardization

17 January 2014
Video discusses the role of standards in cloud computing

Bringing Cooperation to Cloud Computing

15 January 2014
New IEEE project aims to make it easier to use multiple clouds