Calendar: June-August 2012

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

7 June 2012


11June 11 June

3: 1875: Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A. Watson transmit speech sounds electrically by wire for the first time.

11: 1915: Birth date of Nicholas Constantine Metropolis, developer of MANIAC [left], a computer used to develop the hydrogen bomb.

19: 1623: Birth date of Blaise Pascal, a philosopher and mathematician who invented the first mechanical calculator, known as the Pascaline.

26: 1824: Birth date of William Thomson (later Lord Kelvin), developer of the Kelvin scale of absolute temperature.

27–2 July: IEEE Meeting Series in Boston.


7 July

4: 1861: Western Union begins construction of a telegraph line between Missouri and California—the final piece of the first coast-to-coast, high-speed communications link in the United States.

7: 1752: Birth date of Joseph-Marie Jacquard, inventor of the Jacquard loom [left], still used in the textile industry.

12: 2001: First appearance of Code Red, a Web worm that infects Microsoft Internet Information Servers. A week later, it infiltrates hundreds of thousands of servers, causing billions of U.S. dollars in damage.

18: 1968: IEEE Life Fellow Gordon Moore and Robert N. Noyce establish Intel Corp., in Mountain View, Calif.

25: 1857: Birth date of Frank Julian Sprague, developer of the first successful electric streetcar system, operated in Richmond, Va.

31: 1909: Birth date of physicist Jenny Rosenthal Bramley, who in 1966 became the second woman to be named an IEEE Fellow.


6 August

6: 1926: Don Juan, the first feature-length movie with synchronized sound, premieres at the Warner Theater in New York City.

12: 1960: Echo-1, the first telecommunications satellite, is launched.

18: Region 1 meeting in Newark, N.J.

20: 1911: The New York Times sends the first around-the-world telegram. The message made the 45 000-kilometer trip in about 16 minutes.

28: 1863: Birth date of André-Eugène Blondel, inventor of the electromagnetic oscillograph, an instrument used to record alternating-current waveforms.

29: 1876: Birth date of Charles Franklin Kettering, AIEE Fellow and inventor of the electric cash register and an electric starter for automobiles.

Historical events provided by the IEEE History Center.
IEEE events indicated in RED.

Photo: Top: NASA; Middle: iStockphoto; Bottom: White House Press Office

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