Calendar: June–August 2013

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

7 June 2013

June 30 30 June

2: 1883: The first elevated electric train in the United States takes its initial trip, in Chicago.

7: 1900: Birthdate of Frederick E. Terman, 1940 Institute of Radio Engineers president. Terman received the 1950 IRE Medal of Honor for his contributions to radio and electronics.

13: 1934: Birthdate of computer scientist Leonard Kleinrock, an IEEE Fellow who received the 2012 IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal for his contributions to ARPANET, a precursor of the Internet.

19: 1902: Birthdate of Wallace J. Eckert, an astronomer who predicted the orbits of the planets using IBM electric tabulating machines and punched cards.

26–1: July: IEEE Meeting Series in San Diego.

30: 1948: Bell Telephone Labs, in Murray Hill, N.J., announces the invention of the transistor, developed by William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain.


19 July
19 July

8: 1900: Birthdate of composer George Antheil, who worked with actress Hedy Lamarr to patent a technique that led to frequency-hopping communications.

15: 1965: Mariner 4, an unmanned NASA spacecraft, transmits the first close-up images of Mars, taken 9846 kilometers from the planet.

17: 1850: Harvard College Observatory takes the first photograph of a star.

19: 1900: The Paris Metro subway goes into operation.

29: 1888: Birthdate of Vladimir K. Zworykin, a pioneer of television technology.


3 August
3 August

3: 1926: England’s first traffic lights are installed at Piccadilly Circus, ​in London.

15: 1998: Apple begins shipping its iMac personal computer. Nearly 800 000 units are sold in the first four months.

24: Region 1 meeting in Providence, R.I.


Historical events provided by the IEEE History Center.
IEEE events indicated in RED.

Photos: Musée Carnavalet/Roger Viollet/Getty Images; Alcatel; Hilary Morgan/Alamy

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