Calendar: September–November 2013

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23 September 2013

Sept 15 15 September

4 1995: Computer programmer Pierre Omidyar launches AuctionWeb, an online auction and shopping website renamed eBay two years later.

15 1888: Birth date of Alfred N. Goldsmith, 1928 IRE president and the first editor of Proceedings of the IEEE.

16 1877: Birth date of Jacob Schick, inventor of the electric shaver.

21 1976: William Millard establishes ComputerLand in Hayward, Calif. Its more than 800 stores by 1986 make it the largest computer retailer in the world.

24 1869: Birth date of John S. Stone, 1915 IRE president and a pioneer in the study of high-frequency currents.


31 Oct
31 October

6 1846: Birth date of George Westinghouse, founder of Westinghouse Air Brake Co., in Pittsburgh, and Westinghouse Electric Co., in Cranberry Township, Pa.

18–20: Region 7 meeting in Toronto.

27 1904: The first New York City subway line goes into operation.

28: 1971: England’s Prospero satellite is launched to test solar cells.

31 1961: Australia’s Parkes Observatory, which has a 64-meter-tall radio telescope, is completed.


Nov 14 BBC
14 November

5 1863: Birth date of James Packard, founder of Packard Motor Car Co., a maker of parts and luxury automobiles in Detroit.

9 1965: Parts of five northeastern U.S. states and one Canadian province are hit by the most massive power blackout ever up to that time.

14 1922: The British Broadcasting Co. makes its first radio broadcast.

21 1969: The first link in ARPANET, a precursor of the Internet, is established, between Stanford University and the University of California, Los Angeles.

20–26: IEEE Meeting Series in New Brunswick, N.J.

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Photos: IEEE; CSIRO; AP Photo

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