Calendar: March-May 2008

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

7 March 2008


17 March
17 March

1: 1–2 March: Region 2 meeting in Harrisburg, Pa.

17: 1958: The United States launches the Vanguard 1. It is the oldest satellite still orbiting Earth.

22: 1895: Auguste and Louis Lumière first demonstrate their motion picture projector.

25: 1928: Birth date of Jim Lovell, commander of the
Apollo 13 moon mission.

27: 27–29 March: Region 9 meeting in Punta del Este, Uruguay


26 April
26 April

1: 1976: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launch Apple Computer Co.

3: 1973: Inventor Martin Cooper places the first call from a portable handheld telephone, in New York City.

4: 4–6 April: Region 3 meeting in Huntsville, Ala., home of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

7: 1913: The U.S. Navy commissions the U.S.S. Jupiter, its first surface ship to be propelled by electric motors.

15: 1892: Thomson-Houston Electric Co. merges with Edison General Electric Co. to form General Electric Co.

19: Region 5 committee meeting in Kansas City, Mo.

24: 24–27 April: Region 8 meeting in St. Julian’s, Malta.

26: 1986: The world’s worst nuclear accident occurs at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, near Kiev, Ukraine.

27: 1791: Birth date of Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the electric telegraph.


19 May
19 May

2: 2–4 May: Region 7 meeting in Niagara Falls, Ont., Canada.

19: 1971: The Soviet Union launches Mars 2, which becomes the first spacecraft to crash-land on Mars.

20: 1913: Birth date of Hewlett-Packard cofounder William R. Hewlett.

23: 1908: Birth date of John Bardeen, who coinvented the transistor and helped conceive the theory of superconductivity.

25: 1961: U.S. President John F. Kennedy challenges Congress to fund sending a man to themoon by the end of the decade.

Historical events provided by the IEEE History Center.
IEEE events indicated in RED.

Photo: Top: NASA; Middle: iStockphoto; Bottom: White House Press Office

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