Calendar: December 2008 - February 2009

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

5 December 2008

7 December 7 December

1: 1927: Public transmission of TV signals via telephone lines begins between Berlin and Vienna.

4: 1913: Birth date of Robert Adler, regarded as the father of the TV remote control.

7: 1941: First wartime use of radar by the U.S. military, in Kahuku, Hawaii.

15: 2000: The last operating reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in Ukraine, is shut down.

16: 1776: Birth date of Johann Wilhelm Ritter, who developed the first storage battery.

22: 1905: Birth date of Thomas Harold “Tommy” Flowers, one of the designers of Colossus, the code-breaking World War II digital computer.

26: 1791: Birth date of Charles Babbage, inventor of calculating machines.

27: 1996: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission approves an agreement that sets standards for advanced digital television.


12 January
22 January

1: 1874: Birth date of Albert Hoyt Taylor, considered the father of Navy radar.

12: 1864: Birth date of Benjamin Garver Lamme, a developer of electric power technologies, including dc railway motors.

22: 1984: Apple Computer Co. introduces the Macintosh.

23: 23–25 January: Region 4 meeting in Detroit.

26: 1924: The Bayernwerk regional power transmission grid begins transmitting power from the Walchenseewerk plant, in Bavaria, Germany.

28: 1878: The first telephone exchange goes into service, in New Haven, Conn.


12 Feb
19 February

1: 1972: Hewlett-Packard introduces the HP-35 pocket calculator, the first to compute trigonometric functions and logarithms.

2: 1897: Birth date of Gertrude Blanch, a pioneering mathematician who made major advances in numerical analysis.

6: 1959: Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments files a patent for the integrated circuit.

10: 10–15 February: IEEE Board of Directors Meeting Series in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

17: 1911: Charles Kettering delivers his electric car starter to the Cadillac Motor Co., in Detroit.

19: 1878: Thomas Edison’s patent for a phonograph is granted.

23: 1927: U.S. President Calvin Coolidge signs the Radio Act of 1927, which outlines government regulatory powers over radio communication.

24: 1910: The first commercial radiotelephone service begins operation in North America.

28: 28 February and 1 March: Region 10 meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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