Calendar: March-May 2009

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

6 March 2009

Mar3 3 March

3: 1847: Birth date of Alexander Graham Bell, telephone inventor.

4: 1962: First nuclear power plant in Antarctica begins operating at McMurdo Sound.

6: 6–8 March: Region 3 meeting in Atlanta.

7: 1926: First radio-telephone call across the Atlantic Ocean is made, between London and New York.

10: 1891: Almon B. Strowger receives a patent for an electromechanical switch to automate a telephone exchange.

12: 12–14 March: Region 9 meeting in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

15: 1892: Jesse W. Reno is granted a patent for an early type of escalator. 

17: 1849: Birth date of Charles Francis Brush, developer of an early arc-light system.

20: 1900: Nikola Tesla receives patent for the wireless transmission of electric energy.

21: 20 & 21 March: Region 6 meeting in Los Angeles. 

25: 1954: Radio Corp. of America announces it will begin producing color television sets.


1: 1972: Intel introduces the 8008, the first 8-bit microprocessor, used in early personal computers and calculators.

April 22 22 April

2: 1814: Birth date of Erastus B. Bigelow, developer of the power loom.

11: 1900: The U.S. Navy acquires its first submarine, which was propelled by electricity when submerged.

18: 18 & 19 April: Region 2 meeting in Youngstown, Ohio.

22: 1834: Birth date of Raimond Louis Gaston Planté, inventor of the rechargeable battery.

24: 24–27 April: Region 8 meeting in Venice. 

26: 1961: Robert Noyce receives a patent for the integrated circuit.

27:  IEEE’s 125th anniversary celebration in Munich.

30: IEEE’s 125th anniversary celebration in Austin, Texas.


May20 20 May

3: 3–6 May: Region 7 meeting in St. John’s, Nfld., Canada

5: 1861: Birth date of Peter Cooper Hewitt, inventor of the mercury-vapor lamp. .

11: IEEE’s 125th anniversary celebration in Boston.

13: IEEE marks the AIEE’s formation with  IEEE Engineering the Future Day.

16: 1960: Theodore H. Maiman demonstrates the first functioning laser at Hughes Research Laboratories, in Culver City, Calif..

18: 1845: France’s first  electromagnetic telegraph line goes into service, between Paris and Rouen.

20: 1851: Birth date of Emile Berliner, developer of the phonograph record.

21: 1873: Birth date of Hans Berger, the first person to record human electroencephalograms.

23: 1922: Birth date of Esther Conwell, the first woman to receive the IEEE Edison Medal, in 1997.

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