Calendar: March-May 2010

Historic dates in technology and upcoming IEEE events

8 March 2010



Dec1 18 March
Photo: NASA

1: 1960: The Haloid Photographic Co., now Xerox Corp., ships the first commercial photocopy machine, the Model 914.

4: 1906: Robert von Lieben of Vienna, Austria, applies for a patent on a “cathode-ray relay,” an early electron-tube amplifier.

18: 1965: Soviet cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov goes for the first space walk, on a Voskhod 2 flight.

18–21: Region 3 meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

20: Region 1 meeting in Newark, N.J.

20: 1886: An IEEE Milestone, the first commercial AC power plant and distribution system in the United States, goes into service in Great Barrington, Mass.

22: 1895: First public demonstration by Auguste and Louis Lumière of their Cinématographe, a motion picture projector, in Paris.

27: 1845: Birth date of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, discoverer of X-rays and winner of the 1901 Nobel Prize in Physics.


1: 1976: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computer.

Jan9 3 April
Photo: Eloy Alonso/Reuters

3: 1973: Motorola project manager Martin Cooper makes the first phone call with a portable handheld phone.

9: 1919: Birth date of John Presper Eckert Jr., one of the designers of the ENIAC, EDVAC, and UNIVAC I computers.

10: 1989: Intel introduces the 486 microprocessor chip.

17–18: Region 5 meeting in Dallas.

25: 1874: Birth date of radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi.

30 to 2 May: Region 7 meeting in Calgary, Alta., Canada.


Feb1 6 May
Photo: Computer Laboratory/University of Cambridge

1: 1947: The first U.S. radar for commercial or private aircraft is demonstrated on a Trans World Airlines plane.

2: 1880: The Columbia becomes the first U.S. steamship to use electric lights.

6: 1949: The first practical stored-program computer, the EDSAC, runs its first program at the Cambridge University Mathematical Laboratory.

7: 1958: The first implantable cardiac pacemaker is placed in a dog.

8–9: Region 8 meeting in Riga, Latvia.

14: 1973: The United States launches Skylab, its first space station.

19: 1971: The Soviet Union launches Mars 2, the first spacecraft whose descent module crash-landed on Mars.

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