Calendar: March - May 2011

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7 March 2011


Dec1 3 March
Image: Smithsonian Institution Libraries

3: 1847: Birth date of Alexander Graham Bell.

5-6: Region 10 meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

6: 1886: The world's first central AC power plant begins operation, in Great Barrington, Mass.

12: Region 1 meeting in Newark, N.J.

18-19: Region 6 meeting in Phoenix.

18-20: Region 3 meeting in Nashville.

21: 1991: Leo Fender, inventor of the widely popular Telecaster and Stratocaster electric guitars, dies.

25: 1954: RCA announces the production of home color television sets.

26-27: Region 8 meeting in London.

31: 1880: Wabash, Ind., becomes the first U.S. town to completely replace gas lamps with electric lighting.


4: 1972: The first large-scale use of garbage as a fuel for generating electricity occurs when the Union Electric Co., in St. Louis, fires the boilers in its Meramec Plant with shredded refuse.

erie 16-17 April
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6-9: Region 9 meeting in Salvador, Brazil.

13: 1888: Birth date of John Hays Hammond Jr., inventor of a radio remote control for missiles. 

16: 1956: Admiral Corp. sells the first solar-powered radio, which used six transistors instead of vacuum tubes.

16-17: Region 2 meeting in Erie, Pa.

27: 1981: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is first to sell a computer mouse with a computer system, the 8010 Star Information System.

28-1 May: Region 7 meeting in Mississauga, Ont., Canada.


May3 2 May
Image: Science & Society Picture Library

1: 1909: The first hydroelectric power plant to be built by the U.S. government, the Minidoka Dam on the Snake River in Idaho, begins producing electricity.

2: 1800: English chemist William Nicholson separates water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity in a process that is called electrolysis

5: 1861: Birth date of Peter Cooper Hewitt, inventor of a mercury-vapor lamp used in photo studios.

16: 1960: Birth date of Ida Rhodes, a pioneer in the field of computer programming. 

22: 1973: Robert M. Metcalfe develops the idea for a local area network that went on to become the Ethernet standard.

24:1892: Thomas A. Edison is issued three patents for an "electric locomotive" and a fourth for an "electric railway."

30: 1987: North American Philips Co. introduces the Video CD, designed to store full-motion video and CD-audio tracks.

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