Articles for May 2010

Conference Takes Down-Home Approach to Remote Sensing

6 May 2010
Satellites have given earth scientists tremendous tools for assessing environmental conditions all over the globe, including places where it’s impractical for them to go

IEEE 802 Committee Celebrates 30th Anniversary

6 May 2010
The group's standards influence our daily lives

Getting Up to Speed on Volunteer Duties

6 May 2010
Online tutorials give new volunteers tips

Keeping Cloud Computing's Prospects Safe and Sunny

6 May 2010
Best practices and standards aimed at cloud security

Four New Fellows: 'We Owe It to IEEE'

6 May 2010
Learn about their work on robotics, electromagnetics, and more

In Memoriam: May 2010

7 May 2010
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Tablet Hype

6 May 2010
Will the iPad be a success?

Member Recognitions: May 2010

6 May 2010
The following members were honored by other organizations

Boy Scout Merit Badge Training for All

6 May 2010
IEEE teamed up again with the Boy Scouts of America for electricity and electronics training

IEEE-USA's TechMatch Offers Business Assistance

6 May 2010
Get business planning and investment advice from professionals

How Women Can Survive in Male-Dominated Industries

6 May 2010
How can women make themselves known as valuable employees in a male-dominated office or profession?

Society Recognitions: May 2010

6 May 2010
The following individuals were recognized by IEEE societies

Timing Is Everything

6 May 2010
Read about a senior member's work on a stable silicon timing device that does not rely on quartz crystals