Articles for December 2012

In Memoriam: December 2012

7 December 2012
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

The Next Generation of Surgical Robots

7 December 2012
Smaller, lighter, and less expensive

What It Takes to Be a Bioengineer

7 December 2012
Here are the skills you need in this life sciences field

IEEE Expands Open-Access Offerings

7 December 2012
Two publishing models are to launch in 2013

Society Spotlights: December 2012

7 December 2012
Three of the many IEEE societies involved with life sciences

Achievements: December 2012

7 December 2012
The following IEEE members were recognized recently by other organizations

Five Challenges Facing the Life Sciences Field

19 December 2012
Highlights from the IEEE Life Sciences Grand Challenges Conference

Conferences: January–July 2013

7 December 2012
Several upcoming IEEE conferences cover topics relating to life sciences

Bin He: New Partnerships

7 December 2012
Bringing together engineers and life scientists

Hurricane Sandy’s Historic Effect on IEEE

5 December 2012
How IEEE prepared and responded to the devastating storm

Filling the Power Engineering Skills Gap

26 December 2012
Who is responsible for paying to educate the next generation?

Will Robots Replace Surgeons?

7 December 2012
With more robots in the operating room, people wonder what the future holds

Part-time Passions: December 2012

7 December 2012
These members spend their free time rocking in a band and teaching skiing

Power Infrastructure Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

12 December 2012
An IEEE senior member weighs in on the problems with today’s power grids


7 December 2012
The topic must be approached by both the public and private sectors

Delving Deeper Into Life Sciences

7 December 2012
Several resources monitor developments in the field

Books of Interest: December 2012

7 December 2012
A sample of e-books available on the subject of bioengineering

IEEE Adds to Its Life Sciences Standards

7 December 2012
Several new ones are available, with more on the way

IEEE to Launch Eight Journals

7 December 2012
Remote sensing and cloud computing are among the topics to be covered

Nominations Needed: 2014

7 December 2012
Nominations for 2014 IEEE medals, awards, recognitions, and prize papers are due 1 July 2013

Engineering Meets Biology

7 December 2012
An IEEE Fellow is working on advances in bionanotechnology

Tech News: Emerging Technology

19 December 2012
This month's segment covers forensic face-matching technology, electric cars, and more