Articles for November 2013

The ‘Self-Healing’ Power Grid

4 November 2013
Modernizing the grid means more than being smart

Finally, an Engineering Toy for Girls

27 November 2013
Video for Goldie Blox goes viral

Bridging the Gap in the Cloud

22 November 2013
Conference covers how silicon systems can lead to a more mobile and connected world

Landing a Bioengineering Job

6 November 2013
Where to find new opportunities in the field

Training Program Aims at IEEE’s Volunteers

15 November 2013
Goal is to help them understand more clearly IEEE and their roles

Misconceptions About Licensing Software Engineers

25 November 2013
Your concerns and comments addressed

Dinner Without Digital Distraction?

8 November 2013
In restaurants, some diners check in their cellphones

The Four Incarnations of Britain’s Royal Research Ship Discovery

8 November 2013
Their contributions to science span more than 100 years

Photo: SSPL/Getty Images

History Lesson: The Magnetic Compass

8 November 2013
This navigational instrument led to advances in trade, military might, and science

Athlete’s Cap Sends Out Alerts About Head Injuries

22 November 2013
Signals let coaches know when an injury occurs on the field

Standards Project to Support Time-Sensitive Local Networks

8 November 2013
New IEEE group works to optimize use of bandwidth in industrial settings

Conference Organizers Get Help With Keeping Down Costs

8 November 2013
IEEE makes it easier to leverage its buying power with hotels

Electronic Copyright Form Hits Milestone

8 November 2013
More than 1 million forms are filed

Achievements: November 2013

29 November 2013
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

Curtis Ullerich: A New Face of Engineering

15 November 2013
This engineering student is committed to music and community service

A Model for Data Connectivity in Remote Areas of the World

20 November 2013
Inside the trenches, the challenges and reward of working in rural South America

IEEE Foundation Celebrates 40 Years of Giving

15 November 2013
The philanthropic arm is also preparing for the future

Research Ships’ History and Development

13 November 2013
Exploring the Antarctic Ocean for 100 years

Is Amazon Founder's Purchase of The Washington Post Good for Newspapers?

13 November 2013
Some wonder how the tech titan will reinvent the struggling industry

Is the Smart Grid Secure, Safe, and Private?

18 November 2013
Upgrading the power grid opens up new concerns

The Fate of Print Newspapers

14 November 2013
Many are closing, or turning into an online-only publication

Students Compete to Detect Land Mines

22 November 2013
IEEE chapter in Egypt holds contest to build mine-sensing robots

Head Impact Indicator

26 November 2013
Athletic cap helps monitor injury to the brain