Articles for July 2013

Achievements: July 2013

29 July 2013
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

STEP to the Next Level

10 July 2013
IEEE helps student members stay involved post graduation

Has Your Work Been Influenced by a TV Show or Movie?

8 July 2013
Some inventors of modern-day devices were inspired by Star Trek

Ethernet Turns 40

15 July 2013
Highlights from co-inventor Robert Metcalfe’s IEEE oral history

The History of Hearing Aids

22 July 2013
Technology for the hearing impaired has come a long way

Smell-O-Vision: Coming to a Living Room Near You?

12 July 2013
The Smelling Screen gives viewers a whiff of the action

Standards Group Works to Expand Reach of Fiber Access

22 July 2013
Project aims to help providers reach more people while lowering costs

In Memoriam: July 2013

29 July 2013
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Celebrating 30 Years of Ethernet Standards

17 July 2013
This year marks a technology milestone for IEEE

When Business Conduct Might Be Business Misconduct

5 July 2013
IEEE has tools to help you decide

Engineering for Change Offers Free Resources

15 July 2013
Learn ways to solve challenges facing underserved communities

Peter Johnson: From Janitor to NASA Engineer

8 July 2013
This IEEE member has had an unusual career path

Undergrads Apply Core IEEE Mission to Local Needs

8 July 2013
Students create a system to translate sign language into words

IEEE Groups to Launch the First All-Women Start-ups in India

22 July 2013
Program provides support for female entrepreneurs

Exploration Equality

3 July 2013
NASA selects an equal number of men and women to explore the unknown

For Consultants, Social Media 101

8 July 2013
Using Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites to get more business

A Visionary in Sound Engineering

31 July 2013
Celebrating the career of IEEE Life Fellow Amar G. Bose

Society Offers Free 3-Month Access to ‘Bundled’ Articles

22 July 2013
One-stop source for information about intelligent transportation technology

IEEE Xplore Upgrades Author Searches

15 July 2013
Honing in on the right author has gotten easier

Vehicular Technology Conference Focuses on Wireless

8 July 2013
Learn about the latest applications

Cutting-Edge Research Available for Free

24 July 2013
New IEEE open-access journal is a powerful resource