Articles for September 2014

How Big Data Will Improve Health Care

12 September 2014
Video highlights opportunities of electronic medical records

Should Big Data Determine Salaries?

15 September 2014
Some companies turn to analytical tools to determine compensation for employees

Four Ways Big Data Can Improve Your Life

4 September 2014
What does all this data mining do for you?

Election 2014: Remember to Return Your Ballot

15 September 2014
Ballots must be received by 1 October

Celebrating IEEE Day

25 September 2014
Members around the world are taking part

Working With Inventor Douglas Trumbull

26 September 2014
His special effects work inspired me

Standards That Support Big Data

8 September 2014
Covering a variety of applications

Census and Sensibility

8 September 2014
A little history of big data

E-books Cover Big Data

8 September 2014
Download them from the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Better Health Care Through Data

8 September 2014
How health analytics could contain costs and improve care

IEEE Raises Dues for E-Membership

8 September 2014
Dues set to rise for pilot program

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

8 September 2014
Who will protect our personal information?

A Repository of Big-Data Resources

8 September 2014
Handy references for dealing with lots of data

Conferences: October­–December

8 September 2014
Upcoming IEEE events cover topics related to big data

The Tricorder Might Soon Become a Reality

23 September 2014
Teams are competing to develop the Star Trek-inspired medical device

Gaming the System: Manipulating the Impact Factor in Research

25 September 2014
Institutions and academic journals use metrics to their advantage

Despite Growing Data, Infrastructure Stands Still

16 September 2014
Why the gap puts research data at risk

The Ethical Aspects of Big Data

18 September 2014
IEEE Fellow shares his views on the matter

Part-time Passions: September 2014

8 September 2014
These IEEE members enjoy competitive chess and flying

Landing a Job in Big Data

8 September 2014
The field requires the right skills and mind-set

Mark Davis: Making Sense of Data

8 September 2014
Advancing and securing data processing technologies

IEEE Day Is on Its Way

8 September 2014
Members around the world are planning local events to celebrate

Four Takeaways From IEEE Conferences on Big Data

8 September 2014
Topics include sensor networks, privacy, and the role of humans

In Memoriam: September 2014

8 September 2014
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Achievements: September 2014

8 September 2014
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations

How I Launched a Big Data Start-up

15 September 2014
Finding a niche in the field is key to success

The Big Picture of Big Data

29 September 2014
Is it hype or something more?

Data Miners

15 September 2014
IEEE Fellows have developed innovative ways to extract data from large repositories

How Big Data Is Improving Our Lives

15 September 2014
What does all that data mining do for you?

How to Mine Social Media

11 September 2014
Big data derived from online platforms produce bigger challenges

Calendar: September-November 2014

8 September 2014
An interactive look at upcoming IEEE events and important dates in engineering history

Special Report: Big Data

8 September 2014
Connecting the dots to provide insight into the world we live in

Tech News: Big Data

8 September 2014
This segment focuses on IEEE's role in the growing field

The Future of Crime Prevention

15 September 2014
Big data can stop criminals in their tracks