Articles for October 2014

IT Professionals: Five Key Tips to Stay Relevant in Today’s Market

9 October 2014
An understanding of how companies and coworkers operate is a must

Sections Congress Inspires Volunteer Leaders in Many Ways

20 October 2014
Several new features unveiled at IEEE’s triennial event

Barry Shoop Is IEEE’s 2015 President-Elect

20 October 2014
The election results are in

The Future of Energy in Europe

22 October 2014
IEEE participates in policy discussions

Inside the IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference

30 October 2014
The first showcased latest innovations and developments

Revolutionizing Robotics

6 October 2014
IEEE Fellows have paved the way for the next generation of electromechanical helpers

Young Innovators Develop Apps to Help Others

6 October 2014
A contest by IEEE-USA awards participants for innovative projects

Conference Aims to Boost Interest in Electric Vehicles

13 October 2014
Needed: A beefed-up EV ecosystem

In Memoriam: October 2014

27 October 2014
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members Adding Programs on Robots and Computer Technology

6 October 2014
Videos are free to the public

Members Put IEEE RésuméLab to Work

20 October 2014
Thousands have signed up for a service to help them land jobs

Amy Jones: Engineering Heavy Machines

6 October 2014
This IEEE member designs, programs, and drives vehicles for agriculture and construction

Industry Standards and Technology Organization Turns 15

20 October 2014
IEEE-ISTO works to make industry alliances and associations successful

Drone Control

13 October 2014
These unmanned aerial vehicles and their legal standing are up in the air

Your Questions About Big Data Answered

1 October 2014
Experts help define what the growing field is all about

IEEE Milestone Honors Poland’s World War II Code Breakers

20 October 2014
A trio of mathematicians was the first to crack Germany’s Enigma code

Remembering Jeff DesJarlais

13 October 2014
An active volunteer with the IEEE Northwest Subsection

IEEE Launches A Smart City Challenge

16 October 2014
Interactive game asks members to virtually engineer cities

IEEE Senior Member Feng Jinjun [left], chair of the IEEE Beijing Section, presents senior director of IEEE’s Asia Business Operations, Ning Hua, with a 30th anniversary commemorative plaque.

The IEEE Beijing Section Celebrates 30 Years

28 October 2014
The largest section in China has seen tremendous growth

Achievements: October 2014

27 October 2014
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations and IEEE societies

Challenges That Face Those Who Work With Big Data

2 October 2014
Expert says IEEE can help separate hype from reality

Celebrate IEEE Day With Us Today

7 October 2014
Annual event commemorates the founding of IEEE

IEEE Big Data Initiative Holds Its First Workshop

15 October 2014
Attendees represented the spectrum of IEEE fields of interests

This Armband Sensor Lets You Control Drones

17 October 2014
Video from IEEE Spectrum showcases the technology

How Utilities Can Prepare for Extreme Weather

24 October 2014
Areas affected by storms and heat waves need to anticipate higher electricity demands

Should You Track Your Kids?

6 October 2014
New device lets parents keep a watchful eye and ear at all times

Mind-Controlled Technology Could Make Homes Smarter

6 October 2014
Sensor-embedded clothing could turn things on and off

Meet Baxter: A Factory Worker Robot

8 October 2014
His human-like eyes make him friendly and approachable

IEEE President's Opening Remarks at Sections Congress

23 October 2014
The event inspired technology leaders of tomorrow