Articles for June 2015

IEEE Senior Member Kevin Curran Talks About Wearable Trends

11 June 2015
Take a look at the latest products in this video from Mobile World Congress

Achievements: June 2015

25 June 2015
The following IEEE members were recently recognized by other organizations

IEEE Smart Village Steps into the Spotlight

5 June 2015
The IEEE Foundation program that brings renewable energy to underserved communities is getting worldwide recognition

Are You a Good Decision Maker? Consider This Emerging Field

3 June 2015
Decision engineering can help organizations make better choices

Joel Rodrigues: Making E-health Applications Possible

16 June 2015
The IEEE senior member is working on electronic health records, telemonitoring devices, and mobile health apps

E-Health: Our New Endless Frontier

12 June 2015
IEEE President Michel discusses engineers’ roles in the health care technology revolution

In Memoriam: June 2015

4 June 2015
IEEE mourns the loss of the following Fellows

2015 IEEE Honors Ceremony Celebrated Technological Accomplishments and Family

23 June 2015
Recipients of this year’s awards included developers of Java, GPS, and carbon-based technologies

A High-Tech Leader in High Heels Shares Her Secrets for Success

9 June 2015
VMware’s Yanbing Li gives advice on what steps she took to climb to the top

The Life Sciences Offer Job Opportunities for Engineers

10 June 2015
The field requires people who know automation, imaging, and product safety

Jazz and Martial Arts are These Members’ Passions

22 June 2015
One member hosts a weekly radio show while another performs Iaido

Should Patients Have Access to Their Electronic Medical Records?

8 June 2015
The medical community is split on the issue

Robots 3D: Coming to a Science Museum Near You

16 June 2015
IEEE member creates a film about robots that act and look like humans

The Engineer as an Enabler of Health and Wellness

12 June 2015
The U.S. National Physical Activity Plan sets forth recommendations for engineers to help implement

Ten Ways to Build Secure Software Code For Medical Devices

18 June 2015
The IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative issues guidelines to reduce attacks

Conferences on Technologies for Better Health

9 June 2015
Upcoming IEEE events cover wearables, biosensors, and e-health

IEEE Standards on E-Health

15 June 2015
Applications include 3-D medical imaging and wearable health care devices

Learn About Advances in Health Technology With IEEE Resources

17 June 2015
Videos, publications, and a website dedicated to get you up to speed

E-books on Health Technologies

4 June 2015
They cover medical records, imaging, and simulation

The Annual European Smart Energy Summit Showcased Successful Smart Grid Models

22 June 2015
Leaders from the industry discussed best practices and future innovations

A Look at the Life and Accomplishments of Mildred Dresselhaus

24 June 2015
This year's IEEE Medal of Honor recipient helped lay the foundation for today's innovations

Two Innovative Educators Will Be Recognized at the IEEE Honors Ceremony

17 June 2015
The founder of Connexions, a provider of free textbooks, and a Stanford dean who helped establish several research centers will receive IEEE medals

What it Will Take to Make Health Monitors Smarter

1 June 2015
Self-powered sensors are being integrated into fabric

Video Showcases the Many Applications of Smart Fabric

23 June 2015
Electronic textiles can be used to charge batteries and monitor health

A Brief History of Medical Scanning Technology

5 June 2015
Helping doctors see inside the body for more than a century

One student team created a four-view comparison chart of a cutwater bow for designing an ancient naval vessel.

IEEE History Center Teaches How Technology Can Shape Human Destiny

26 June 2015
Stevens Institute of Technology’s course on ancient war vessels inspire students and the public

Calendar: June–August 2015

12 June 2015
An interactive look at upcoming IEEE events and important dates in engineering history

Special Report: Wearables

15 June 2015
Highlighting advances that will turn fitness trackers into viable tools for improving health

The 2016 President-Elect Candidates’ Plans for IEEE’s Future

2 June 2015
Bartleson and Mintzer vie for 2016 IEEE president-elect

Proposed Amendment to the IEEE Constitution Withdrawn

25 June 2015
The IEEE Board of Directors took action at its June meeting

Smart City, Smart World: Five Trends From the IEEE International Communications Conference

29 June 2015
The latest technologies will help make communities more energy efficient and interconnected

The Psychology Behind Wearables

11 June 2015
It takes more than data to get users motivated

Members: Remember to Vote in the 2015 Annual Election

19 June 2015
Return your ballot by 1 October

Guiding Technology Policy for the Internet

3 June 2015
An IEEE initiative will focus on governance, cybersecurity, and privacy

Nominations are Needed for the 2017 IEEE Technical Field Awards

15 June 2015
IEEE seeks candidates who have made outstanding contributions in such areas as robotics, biomedical engineering, and nanotechnology

Getting Schooled on Smart Fabric

19 June 2015
Expert explains how this textile could be used for monitoring asthma and other medical conditions