Articles for September 2015

How To Get People To Back Your Entrepreneurial Ideas

24 September 2015
Getting to the finish line of a product or business launch can be nearly impossible without the right support system in place

Achievements: September 2015

17 September 2015
Three IEEE members have been recognized for accomplishments in their careers

In Memoriam: September 2015

22 September 2015
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

A Q&A With Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Albert Greenberg

3 September 2015
The IEEE senior member was recently recognized for his pioneering work with data center networks

Happy 25th Birthday to Wi-Fi

28 September 2015
The IEEE standards community celebrates a global success story while looking ahead

The Brains Behind Mind-Controlled Technology

25 September 2015
In this video, IEEE Member Tan Le demos her innovation at a TED Talk

Inside AdaFruit Industries

29 September 2015
IEEE Member Limor Fried carved out a niche with her DIY electronics company

In Memoriam: James L. Flanagan

3 September 2015
The IEEE Life Fellow profoundly influenced our understanding of how humans speak and hear

IEEE Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Wi-Fi Standard

23 September 2015
802.11 has paved the way for wireless hotspots and the Internet of Things

Your Questions About Startups and Intellectual Property Answered

30 September 2015
Two venture capitalists and a patent attorney respond to readers

IEEE Collabratec: Changing How Technologists Meet and Innovate

21 September 2015
This new online platform can help people network, collaborate, and create, all from one central hub

Eight Tech Mistakes New Business Owners Must Avoid

11 September 2015
They can lead to security breaches, malware attacks, and data losses

Kick-start Your Business With These IEEE Resources

15 September 2015
Networking events, e-books, and benefits for the self-employed are among the offerings

Get Schooled on Startups By a Venture Capitalist Whose Companies Have Never Failed

3 September 2015
Fellow Milton Chang gives tips on what engineers need to know

IEEE: A 131-Year Old Startup

7 September 2015
President Howard E. Michel on why building a community for founders is a key goal

Upcoming Conferences for Budding Entrepreneurs

10 September 2015
IEEE events cover intrapreneurship, crowdfunding, and product development

Tapping Into Your Personal Network Can Help Build Your Business

9 September 2015
These three tips will save you time and money

Special Report: Startups

11 September 2015
A new generation of IEEE members launch their own ventures

Charting IEEE's Future: An Update on IEEE in 2030 Efforts

8 September 2015
Much progress has been made

How DIY Electronics Startup Adafruit Industries Became a Multimillion-Dollar Company

9 September 2015
IEEE Member Limor Fried started the venture in her dorm room at MIT

2015 IEEE Day is Just a Month Away

16 September 2015
On 6 October, members are planning local events to celebrate the organization’s roots

Calendar: September-November 2015

8 September 2015
An interactive look at upcoming IEEE events and important dates in engineering history

IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

14 September 2015
Since the merger, the honor society has grown well beyond North America

Q&A With Devon Ryan, a Tireless Entrepreneur

16 September 2015
He founded software development startup Lion Mobile

Helping Engineers Become Successful Entrepreneurs

2 September 2015
IEEE has made it a priority to help members launch and grow their startups

Meet the IEEE Members Behind Five of Today’s Hottest Startups

11 September 2015
Their companies are at the cutting edge of robotics, connected cars, and mind-controlled technology

How These Three Startups Became Household Names

4 September 2015
Microsoft, Sony, and Tata Consultancy Services found success through intrapreneurship, risk taking, and a bit of luck

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Video: How Young Professionals Can Become Entrepreneurs

19 September 2015
Being persistent, resourceful, and good communicators are key for success