Articles for March 2016

IEEE Provides Resources for Green Information and Communication Technology

3 March 2016
Technical community, publications, and tutorials are among the offerings

Medal of Honor Goes to G. David Forney Jr.

10 March 2016
The Life Fellow developed error-correcting codes for NASA’s Pioneer deep-space satellite program

If AT&T Employees Don't Know How to Work in the Cloud, the Company Might No Longer Need Their Services

3 March 2016
Workers who don’t learn new skills will be left behind, the CEO says

In the Future, Humans Will Form Romantic Relationships With Robots

4 March 2016
An IEEE technical expert discusses the potential for people to become attracted to and fall in love with their machines

A Large Paycheck Isn’t Enough to Keep Women in Engineering

4 March 2016
Although they earn the same as their male counterparts in some fields, the retention rate remains low

How to Protect Wearable Devices Against Cyberattacks

8 March 2016
IEEE cybersecurity experts share ways to avoid software design flaws

Can Gates, Zuckerberg, and Bezos Slow Climate Change?

2 March 2016
They and other tech moguls join forces to tackle global warming

IEEE President Barry Shoop on the New Face of Leadership

11 March 2016
Future leaders must be able to draw from a breadth of expertise

A New IEEE Initiative is Working to Make ICT Greener

1 March 2016
Members are working to design more energy-efficient information and communication technology

Meet the Candidates for 2017 IEEE President-Elect

9 March 2016
Jim Jefferies and Wanda Reder campaign to lead the organization

Calendar: March–May 2016

18 March 2016
A look at upcoming IEEE events

How Technology Can Figure Out Your Greatest Business Challenges

10 March 2016
Today's companies need these tools to expand

Standards for Greener Information and Communication Technology

21 March 2016
These five sets can help improve the environment

In Memoriam: March 2016

29 March 2016
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

IEEE Members Make Headlines: March 2016

28 March 2016
This month members were featured in the news for their contributions to higher education, cryptography, and cancer research

This Senior Member is Leading Efforts to Build a More Eco-friendly Telecom Industry

7 March 2016
Jaafar Elmirghani is working to reduce energy consumption worldwide

How One Entrepreneur Founded Two Multimillion-Dollar Telecom Ventures

15 March 2016
IEEE Member Eileen Healy filled gaps in the mobile phone market

GreenTouch Consortium Develops a Tool Kit for Building Energy-Efficient Networks

7 March 2016
Information and communication technology experts deliver architectures that support larger traffic volumes without compromising performance

Introducing the 2016 Class of Fellows

14 March 2016
They are an elite group of 297 pioneers in engineering, science, and technology

Countdown to the 2016 IEEE Annual Election

16 March 2016
A look at open positions and deadlines

Six Upcoming Conferences Focus on Sustainable Systems

17 March 2016
Events cover green computing, big data, and the Internet of Things

IEEE Award Recipients Expanded Engineering Curricula

16 March 2016
These three Fellows designed academic programs that let students explore different fields

Five Elected to the 2016 Board of Directors

22 March 2016
New officers are leading IEEE this year

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

15 March 2016
A new book tackles the many questions that arise from robot-human interactions

Five Takeaways From England's Largest Education Technology Show

23 March 2016
The annual Bett Show in London drew more than 35,000 visitors from 113 countries

Four Ways to Better Engage Students in STEM

25 March 2016
An IEEE education conference showcases what will spark their interests

How to Reduce City Traffic: Self-Driving Vehicles or Car-Free Cities?

30 March 2016
Debating two possible solutions to packed urban roadways