Articles for August 2016

IEEE Young Professionals Steps into the Spotlight

23 August 2016
The group is busy holding networking events, forming strategic partnerships, and creating new ways to communicate

IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing and Technology Time Machine Event Coming in October

4 August 2016
One considers where computing is headed; the other explores the future of technology

IEEE in 2030: Modernizing the Governance Structure for a Fast-Paced Future

3 August 2016
IEEE Board of Directors votes the ad hoc committee’s work should move forward

The Biggest Security Issues With Banking Often Involve Human Error

11 August 2016
IEEE Member Jungwoo Ryoo, a security expert, points out vulnerabilities that could be avoided

IEEE Collabratec Introduces a Mentoring Feature

17 August 2016
Platform gives mentors and mentees a more effective way to connect and communicate

IEEE Is Building a Hub for Entrepreneurs

15 August 2016
Bringing together like-minded members, offering resources and events

Getting Linked to the Blockchain

19 August 2016
IEEE will develop courses and standards for the technology, which has potential uses way beyond Bitcoin

Digital Wallets Are Becoming the New Way to Pay

18 August 2016
Android Pay, Apple Pay, and other contactless payment systems are expected to take over by 2030

Three Steps Toward Negotiating a Higher Salary

30 August 2016
How to get the conversation started with your manager

Ask the Experts: Blockchain Technology

19 August 2016
Submit questions about the system that could disrupt industries and might even replace the Internet

IEEE Forums in China, India, and Israel Focus on Local Internet Concerns

29 August 2016
Universal access, protecting against cyberattacks, and securing biometric data are areas of discussion

Do You Really Own Your Electronics?

26 August 2016
The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting to make it legal for people to tinker with their software-driven devices and machines

Teaching STEM Through Electronic Sewing Workshops

1 August 2016
Rogue Making founder shares her story at an IEEE conference in this video

Start Small: A Strategy for Launching a Successful Startup

2 August 2016
Lessons learned after founding and investing in high-tech companies is Now Live-Streaming Events

10 August 2016
Viewers can attend conferences and events virtually in real time

Contactless Payments Are Heading Toward a Cashless Future

8 August 2016
Digital wallets and wearables, even a humanoid robot, are changing the way we pay

IEEE Region 10 Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

24 August 2016
Read about the organization’s history in the Asia and Pacific Region

Students and Young Professionals: Here’s How to Get Involved With IEEE

9 August 2016
Volunteering and joining coding competitions can help launch your career

The Health Benefits of Human-Centric Lighting Using LEDs

12 August 2016
Lighting systems can improve sleep and worker productivity

Going Cash-Free Can Make the World Richer

16 August 2016
Switching to digital payments has a host of economic benefits

Germany’s First Radio Broadcast Receives an IEEE Milestone

24 August 2016
A live instrumental Christmas concert was transmitted in 1920

2017 Edition of the National Electrical Safety Code is Available Now

25 August 2016
A new handbook and workshop gets you up to speed on revisions to the authoritative code

In Memoriam: August 2016

29 August 2016
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

Men Cite Themselves in Academic Journals More Than Women Do

23 August 2016
Discrepancy could help explain gender pay gap

Could Augmented Reality Games Have a Positive Impact?

5 August 2016
Pokémon Go is showing that the technology can bring people together, but it also has drawbacks