Dues to Rise $3

Basic IEEE membership dues for 2009 will be US $129

5 September 2008

Basic IEEE membership dues for 2009 will be US $129, a $3 increase over this year’s dues. This will be the first time since 2003 that an increase is less than the rate of inflation in the United States.

Dues remain the same for student and graduate student members.

For U.S. members, the additional combined assessment for IEEE-USA and ABET, the accrediting body in the United States for academic programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, will be $40, an increase of $1. Of that, $37 goes to IEEE-USA and $3 to ABET.

The assessment for Region 8 will increase $2, to $13.

The fee for society affiliates, which is set at half the basic IEEE dues rounded to the next dollar, will increase to $65. Affiliates, who may belong to one or more IEEE societies but are not IEEE members, pay the affiliation fee for each society they join plus the membership dues charged by that society.

IEEE membership offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities for those who share a common interest in technology. If you are not already a member, consider joining IEEE and becoming part of a worldwide network of more than 400,000 students and professionals.

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