Four Publications to Debut Next Year

Wireless communications and RFID are some of the topics

6 December 2011

Several IEEE societies next year plan to add to their growing list of publications.

IEEE Wireless Communications Letters will publish short papers on new techniques, concepts, applications, and prototypes, its creators say. The journal will feature research in modulation and coding, channel modeling, network architectures and protocols, and more, according to its sponsors, the IEEE Communications, Signal Processing, and Vehicular Technology societies. It is set to be published five to eight times a year, depending on the volume of material available.

IEEE RFID Virtual Journal has been created to publish papers on theories, techniques, and applications related to systems, components, devices, and circuits. Sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on RFID, the journal will appear quarterly.

Another quarterly, IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, will keep readers updated on standards, conferences, news, and IEEE activities and will publish technical papers, design tips, and book reviews, according to the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society, its sponsor.

Featuring articles on the modeling, design, fabrication, and testing of RF integrated circuits and systems, the quarterly IEEE RFIC Virtual Journal is sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems, Microwave Theory and Techniques, and Solid-State Circuits societies.

For more information on each journal, visit the sponsoring society's home page.

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