Highlights of the June Meeting Series

At the IEEE Meeting Series, the Board of Directors took several actions

4 September 2009

At the IEEE Meeting Series held in June, the IEEE Board of Directors took the following actions:

  • Eliminated the Infrastructure Oversight Committee, effective 1 January 2010. The committee supervised units such as the Controller’s Office, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Sales & Marketing. It recommended to the Board changes in the groups’ budgets, size of operations, and spending on capital equipment.
  • Approved tightened procedures for cosponsoring conferences with non-IEEE organizations. Memorandums of understanding (MOUs) that cover financial and technical cosponsorships now must be submitted to the Conference Services group for review, final approval, and execution. A conference is not allowed to use the IEEE logo or to mention IEEE sponsorship in its documents, Web site, or advertising material until the MOU is executed.
  • Added provisions requiring IEEE operating units participating in a cosponsored event to take measures to ensure the quality of the technical papers presented. One measure includes defining the extent to which technical cosponsors are involved in the organization of the technical program. Another measure calls for defining the paper review process used if the conference proceeding will be included in the IEEE Conference Publications Program.
  • Approved enhanced review practices for conference articles, designed to improve the quality of IEEE conferences. Papers in conference proceedings that appear in the IEEE Xplore digital library will be subject to the same review policy as papers submitted at conferences. The MOU must specify the level of review required
  • Revised the November Meeting Series dates to 18 to 23 November.


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