IEEE Executive Committee Eliminated

The change, approved by the IEEE Board of Directors, is effective 1 January

6 February 2009

Effective 1 January, the IEEE Executive Committee has been eliminated. The Board of Directors (BOD), which made the decision at its November 2008 meeting, approved this change in an effort to make IEEE more efficient.

The Executive Committee, which was a subset of the BOD comprising 12 Board members, was responsible for deciding on issues that either could not wait until the next BOD meeting or required extensive time to research and review, such as complicated contracts.

According to 2009 IEEE President John Vig, the committee was eliminated to simplify the organization’s operating procedures. The committee met six times a year—three times during the IEEE BOD Meeting Series and three times in between. In addition to making the organization more efficient, a byproduct will be a savings of nearly US $100,000 in annual travel costs.

“For years, people asked why we have to have an executive committee and wondered whether there were other ways to take care of the issues it handled,” Vig says.

After a deliberate and detailed analysis of the roles and responsibilities, the BOD decided to improve the overall organizational efficiency by realigning these roles and responsibilities and eliminated the committee.

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