IEEE to Launch Nine New Journals

Cloud computing and automation are among the topics to be covered

27 December 2013

Nine new publications are scheduled to debut in 2014.

IEEE Cloud Computing Magazine, a quarterly, will explore theories and applications related to the cloud, including software, security, standards, backup and recovery of data, interoperability, and energy consumption.

Another quarterly, IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, will focus on such topics as modeling, simulation, analysis, and understanding of social systems from a quantitative and computational perspective.

The editors of the new quarterly IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems plan to publish research on the intersection of control systems and network science. The journal will address analysis, design, and implementation.

IEEE has partnered with the Chinese Association of Automation to publish the quarterly Journal of Automatica Sinica. It will cover topics related to control science and engineering, including automatic control, systems theory, pattern recognition, and intelligent systems.

The IEEE Internet of Things Journal, to be published six times a year, will tackle system architecture, networking protocols, services, and applications, as well the social implications of the IoT.

Articles in the quarterly IEEE Power Electronics Magazine will explore the effective use of electronic components, circuit design techniques, and analytical tools.

The IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, to be published twice a year, plans to address the theory and applications of network science and the interconnections among the elements in systems that form networks.

Life Sciences Letters, a digital open-access journal, will cover topics including personalized medicine, pharmaceutical engineering, synthetic biology, and systems biology.*

And look for the monthly open-access IEEE Journal on Exploratory Solid-State Computational Devices and Circuits to feature multi­disciplinary research in solid-state materials and circuits beyond standard CMOS technology for novel energy-efficient computation.

The new journals will be available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


*This article was updated from the original version that ran in print as IEEE to Launch Eight Journals.

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