Open-Access “Mega” Journal to Launch

The online-only publication will cover a broad range of topics

19 October 2012

A new type of electronic journal that will cover topics from all IEEE’s fields of interest and that will get into print faster than traditional journals is set to launch in the second quarter of next year. This open-access journal to be offered for free to readers follows the movement in scholarly publishing to make content available via the Internet at no charge. As with other such journals, this one will be supported with fees charged to authors.

The new monthly journal was approved by the IEEE Board of Directors in July in response to requests for what’s known in the publishing world as an open access megajournal: an online-only publication dealing with topics from various disciplines, has a faster review process, and a quicker publishing cycle.

The megajournal will contain practical articles on experimental methods, technology applications, and manufacturing techniques. To shorten the publication cycle, articles will be peer reviewed for technical correctness only—not for novelty or perceived impact on the field. Authors of accepted manuscripts will pay a processing fee of US $1750 per article, which is expected to average 8 to 10 pages, but will not be required to give up copyright, as they have had to assign it to IEEE in the past. Instead, IEEE will license the articles on an open access basis, which grants a free license to all prospective users and allows articles to be republished as long as proper attribution is given to the author.

IEEE Fellow Michael Pecht, founder and director of the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering at the University of Maryland, in College Park, has been named the journal’s editor in chief. Pecht is a former editor of IEEE Transactions on Reliability as well as an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology. He has also served on IEEE Spectrum’s editorial advisory board. Pecht will spend the next several months assembling an editorial advisory board of his own and developing guidelines and procedures for prospective authors.

The new megajournal and other topical open-access journals in the works are part of IEEE’s efforts to provide authors with alternatives to traditional publishing, according to Anthony Durniak, staff executive for IEEE Publications. Traditionally, IEEE journals and magazines have relied on charging members, research libraries, and other organizations a subscription fee to recoup their costs.

The majority of IEEE’s transactions and journals now give authors the option of making their articles available for free in the IEEE Xplore digital library as part of a subscription package. To do so, each author must pay a processing fee per article.

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