Public Visibility Overview

Program achieves several milestones

6 March 2009

Ten months into IEEE’s push to raise its visibility and increase public understanding of the engineering profession around the world through the Public Visibility Initiative, the program has achieved several milestones. IEEE attracted news coverage in all 10 of the countries it targeted, a revamped newsroom was unveiled, and more and more members are signing up to be IEEE technical experts.

Nearly 300 news stories that ran in the Global-10 countries of Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States have mentioned IEEE. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered the topic of energy independence at the IEEE sustainable energy infrastructure meeting, known as Energy 2030, held in November. IEEE Member Thomas Schneider was quoted in Brussels’s  International Herald Tribune talking about European Union leaders who are reconsidering a pledge to cut greenhouse gases and use more renewable energy sources in the wake of the financial crisis. Fellow Saifur Rahman discussed solutions and government policies regarding the energy shortage in India in an interview with Deccan Herald of Bangalore following an exclusive media briefing with IEEE experts during 2008 PowerCon. The 2008 IEEE president, Lewis Terman, was interviewed by the UK’s BBC News about the unveiling of a statue of James Clerk Maxwell, one of Scotland’s most important but least-known scientists. And in December, 2007 IEEE President Leah Jamieson discussed on Fox Business News the role of a chief technology officer as a potential cabinet post in U.S. President Barack Obama administration.

You’ll find links to these and other articles in the revamped IEEE newsroom, which got a makeover in November as part of the multiyear, multimillion-dollar Public Visiblity initiative. Besides containing news releases about the organization and its activities, the newsroom now offers an overview of hot tech topics and explains how IEEE is engaged around the globe. Plus, there are several new features, including an Expert Profile section that features an IEEE technical expert with extensive knowledge about a particular topic. There are now more than 300 participants in this speakers bureau, a community of members worldwide who can speak on the issues or brief reporters working on technical subjects.

The top tech themes for 2009 are consumer electronics, education, security, space, sustainable energy, a sustainable world, and healthcare/telemedicine. This year the Public Visibility Initiative will be working with IEEE societies to get them more engaged in visibility efforts.

For an update on the progress of the initiative, read the bimonthly IEEE Engaging the World newsletter.

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