Ten Suggestions for Improving Services

Section Congress delegates vote on top 10 recommendations for improving IEEE

5 December 2008

Here are the top 10 recommendations for improving IEEE, worded exactly as they were voted upon by the 293 primary section delegates during the IEEE Sections Congress, held 19 to 22 September in Quebec City.

  1. Every member to have an annual entitlement to a limited number of free IEEE Xplore downloads.
  2. Payment flexibility for members, especially students and those in developing countries who do not have credit cards.
  3. Providing “Leadership Training Handbook (text and multimedia) for Section Officers” to include such things as volunteer recruitment, and roles and responsibilities of section chairs and section committees.
  4. The Member and Geographic Activities Board to assign staff to develop, by June 2009, a user-friendly system and support to enable sections, chapters, and affinity groups to deliver collaborative technologies.
  5. For digital libraries: developing additional, smaller tiered packages that will allow members to purchase defined quantities of digital content.
  6. Improving the implementation of recommendations identified at Sections Congress.
  7. There are several IEEE member benefits that are only accessible to Regions 1–6 members. IEEE should implement similar benefit across the regions.
  8. Creating a Web-based payment solution for sections and chapters for small local events that is low cost, secure, and capable of depositing into a Concentration Banking account with payer identification.
  9. Providing support for creation and maintenance of easy-to-update section Web sites with “single sign-on” authentication.
  10. Implementing sustained membership options for all membership grades exclusive of student grade with single dues payment for multiple years and increasing benefits in proportion to the length of renewal.

These 10 recommendations were to be presented to the IEEE Board of Directors at its November meeting. The Board was expected to assign each recommendation to a specific IEEE business unit for action.

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