About Us

THE INSTITUTE is the member newspaper of the IEEE. Available monthly as a Web publication, it is mailed quarterly to all members of IEEE.

THE INSTITUTE Editorial offices:
IEEE Operations Center
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ, USA 08854-4141
Telephone: +1 732 562-6825
Fax: +1 732 562-1745
e-mail: institute@ieee.org

Editor in Chief: Kathy Pretz +1 732 562-6825; k.pretz@ieee.org

Assistant Editor: Joanna Goodrich

Copy Editor: Mark Yawdoszyn

Senior Art Director Print: Mark Montgomery

Art Director: Bonnie Nani

Photography Director: Randi Silberman Klett

Director of Periodical Production Services: Peter Tuohy

Editorial & Web Production Manager: Roy Carubia

Web Production Coordinator: Jacqueline L. Parker

Multimedia Production Specialist: Michael Spector

Editorial Advisory Board: John Baillieul, Alexei Botchkarev, Philip Chen,  Michael B. Forster (Managing Director, IEEE Publications), Shashank Gaur, Susan Hassler (Editor in Chief, IEEE Spectrum), Samir M. El-Ghazaly (Vice President, IEEE Publication Services and Products), Cecilia Metra, Mirela Sechi Annoni Notare, James O’Neal, Joel Trussell, Hon K. Tsang, Chonggang Wang