About Us

THE INSTITUTE is the member newspaper of the IEEE. Available monthly as a Web publication, it is mailed quarterly to all members of IEEE.

THE INSTITUTE Editorial offices:

IEEE Operations Center

445 Hoes Lane

Piscataway, NJ, USA 08854-4141

Telephone: +1 732 562-6825

Fax: +1 732 562-1745

e-mail: institute@ieee.org

Editor in Chief: Kathy Pretz +1 732 562-6825; k.pretz@ieee.org

Associate Editor: Monica Rozenfeld +1 732 562 3994; m.rozenfeld@ieee.org

Editorial Assistant: Amanda Davis, +1 732 562 3987; amanda.davis@ieee.org

Advertising: Marion Delaney, +1 415 863 4717

Editorial Consultant: Alfred Rosenblatt

Copy Editors: Joseph N. Levine, Michele Kogon, Mark Yawdoszyn, Peter Borten

Senior Art Director Print: Mark Montgomery

Art Director: Bonnie Nani

Photo Editor: Randi Silberman Klett

Director of Periodical Production Services: Peter Tuohy

Editorial & Web Production Manager: Roy Carubia

Web Production Coordinator: Jacqueline L. Parker

Multimedia Production Specialist: Michael Spector

Editorial Advisory Board:
Alexei Botchkarev, Anthony Durniak (Staff Executive, IEEE Publications), Matthew Genovese, Susan Hassler (Editor in Chief, IEEE Spectrum), Zhija Huang, Terrance Malkinson, Paolo Montuschi, James O'Neal, Krishnan Parameswaran, Nita Patel, Brian Roberts, and Gianluca Setti (Vice President, IEEE Publications Services & Products)