Special Report: 5G

24 March 2017

IEEE believes fifth-generation wireless technology will be truly revolutionary. It expects 5G will become the cornerstone of future wireless networks, enabling fundamentally new applications, including the Internet of Things and connected cars. At the same time, the technology is likely to provide broadband access to millions of users at a low price.

Concerned that 5G networks are being built before issues such as interoperability and security have been addressed, IEEE launched its 5G Initiative in December, The initiative seeks to engage industry, academia, and policymakers to work together to meet 5G’s challenges so the technology’s full potential can be realized.

In this issue, we ask IEEE Fellow Gerhard Fettweis, the initiative’s cochair, about the impact 5G technologies will have in such areas as education, sports, and transportation. The new technology also is expected to create opportunities for entrepreneurs and their startups—IEEE Fellow Joy Laskar’s Maja Systems is one such venture. And to help get you up to speed on 5G, we list resources available from IEEE, such as conferences and standards projects under development.

Feature Articles


5G: The Future of Communications Networks

A new IEEE initiative is working to improve the next generation of wireless


These IEEE Resources Can Bring You Up to Speed on 5G

They include videos, technical communities, and publications


IEEE Standards Projects on 5G

Besides boosting speed, they’re likely to simplify network operations and increase flexibility


Five Upcoming Conferences Delve Into the Future of 5G

The events will explore the Internet of Things, software-defined networks, and big data


Q&A With Gerhard Fettweis, Creator of the Tactile Internet

The 5G application would mimic the experience of touching something in real time


Maja Systems Develops a Versatile Chip for 5G Networks

The startup’s product will be used in smart LED lighting systems, augmented and virtual reality applications, and factory automation equipment


Video: The IEEE 5G Revolution

Video shows how IEEE Standards is laying the foundation for the next-generation wireless network


Video: The Five Foundational Technologies That Will Make Up 5G Networks

Upcoming events delve into immersive projection technology, virtual storytelling, and navigation in virtual environments



Timeline: The Evolution of 5G

How each generation of wireless technology brought us to the age of 100-Gb/s communications