Special Report: Artificial Intelligence

24 June 2016

Popularized in science fiction, AI is no longer merely a figment of our imaginations. In the past few years, the technology has moved from research labs into our everyday lives. It’s being used in medical devices, smart-home systems, and video games—to say nothing of robots and autonomous cars. And AI has started to do what many people have feared: outsmart humans.

In this special report, The Institute describes one of the latest AI developments: deep learning, in which neural networks teach themselves and make decisions on their own. Google, Microsoft, and other tech companies are racing to improve deep learning and apply it to new applications. And noteworthy AI applications are already in place, including computer systems writing news articles and preventing credit card fraud.  

Companies can’t find enough engineers qualified in machine learning and other AI applications, so we provide tips for breaking 
into the growing field. We also feature an IEEE member who helped found Clearpath Robotics, a leader in self-driving vehicles for warehouses.

Feature Articles


The Next Step for Artificial Intelligence is Machines that Get Smarter on Their Own

Deep learning enables computers to do a better job than humans at mastering skills and making decisions


How Artificial Intelligence Has Crept Into Our Everyday Lives

Machines are writing news articles, composing music, and preventing credit card fraud


How to Land a Job in Artificial Intelligence

Just about every industry needs employees with AI skills, including health care and agriculture


Smarten Up on Machine Learning With These IEEE Resources

Publications and groups can help engineers improve their understanding


Six Upcoming Events Focus on Artificial Intelligence

Conferences cover machine learning, cognitive systems, and gaming


Three E-books on Artificial Intelligence

Explore bioinformatics, neural networks, and visual attention


IEEE Fellow Sets the Bar for Computer Vision

Fatih Porikli has made significant contributions to object and motion detection, object tracking, and video analytics


Clearpath Robotics Blazes a Trail With Its Self-Driving Warehouse Vehicles

IEEE Member Ryan Gariepy helped found the startup as an undergrad


Mechanical Chess Player Baffled Crowds for Nearly a Century

Built in 1770, “The Turk” won games against Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte


Artificial Intelligence Pioneers to Receive IEEE Awards

Applauding advances in machine learning and deep neural networks



Is It Ethical to Kick a Robot?

Videos of Boston Dynamics employees striking humanoid and doglike robots enraged many viewers



What Jobs Will Humans Have in the Future?

As more positions become automated, new ones will inevitably emerge


Experts Answer Your Questions About Artificial Intelligence

Learn about recent advancements and the potential for a robot takeover



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