Special Report: Consumer Electronics

New applications of technologies on display at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

9 April 2015
/img/international-ces-2015-las-vegas-1420550369452-1428507475506.jpg Photo: Consumer Electronics Association

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had plenty of flashy technology on display, including virtual reality headsets for gaming, a synchronized drone show, and self-driving cars. However, this issue of The Institute was inspired by applications—some of them on the showroom floor and some of them being discussed by panels of experts at CES—that are designed to benefit humanity and maybe even save lives.

The same word-prediction approach used in smartphones has been incorporated into physicist Steven Hawking’s communications device, making it faster for him to get his thoughts written on a computer screen. Augmented reality is being tested to help children with autism use their imaginations and develop social skills. And AR head-up displays and eye-tracking technology may soon be installed in vehicles to help drivers keep their eyes on the road. You’ll also learn about the skills needed to land a job in the fast-growing area of 3-D printing. 

The IEEE Consumer Electronics Society offers a variety of conferences, publications, and workshops to keep you up to speed on the latest technology. And you can read about the IEEE standards that make possible the technology many of us use in our homes and carry around every day. 


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