Special Report: Cybersecurity

Highlighting IEEE’s efforts to help engineers defend systems and outsmart hackers

6 March 2015
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Recent highly publicized data breaches, denial-of-service attacks, and software vulnerabilities have shown that every organization’s computers and data are at risk, no matter what its goals are or where it’s located. The incidents have led to a renewed focus on improving the security and privacy of computers and networks.

Hackers take advantage of weak spots to break into systems that aren’t properly patched or updated. Cybercriminals may download attachments containing malware or viruses or take advantage of computers that were disposed of without having been wiped clean. They can also gain access through vulnerabilities introduced by engineers and software designers. Often, software engineers lack the training and tools needed to mitigate and defend against security and privacy threats.

This report describes IEEE’s efforts to make developers more knowledgeable through its Cybersecurity Initiative, launched in January 2014 by the IEEE Computer Society and the IEEE Future Directions Committee, the organization’s R&D arm. The report also covers a proposed framework to better secure mobile devices as well as what must be done for cybersecurity to be taken more seriously as a profession. 


3wLANDINGsecuresoftware-1425573505384.jpgIEEE Brings Together Top Security Specialists to Outsmart Hackers

Experts from CERT, Google, and others take on the most common security flaws

3wLANDINGMobileSecurity-1425573864286.jpgMobile Devices Remain Vulnerable to Attacks

It’s a problem developers can no longer ignore

3wLANDINGTechHistoryHackingDeAgostiniGettyImages164080946MASTER-1425568533589.jpgA History of Hacking

People have been breaking into systems electronically for more than a century

Career and Education

3wLANDINGcareer-1425574203595.jpgNo Clear Path for Prospective Cybersecurity Specialists

Better training and credentials are needed to help industry meet the growing demand


quest120Should We Fear a Catastrophic Cyberattack?

Many experts say there is reason to be concerned

3wLANDINGcybersecurityBlog3-1425575018251.jpgAsk The Experts: Cybersecurity

Leaders in the field are here to answer your questions

/img/blog1-1426604095036.jpgFor Hire: Ethical Hackers

Organizations are seeking professionals who can break into their systems to find security glitches

/img/blog2-1426604323914.jpgSix Ways to Improve Mobile App Security and Privacy

But first developers must buy in to the fact that their users are worried

/img/blog1-1427488242553.jpgUnhappy Workers are Increasingly Behind Security Breaches

Companies must beware of hackers from within

/img/blog2-1427488393301.jpgWant to Combat Cyberattacks? Take a Lesson from Nature

New research examines the analogy between installing security measures and how plants and insects fight off threats

/img/blog3-1427488635301.jpgProtecting Critical Infrastructures From Cyberattacks

Ignoring the security of systems that run power plants, hospitals, and factories can have far-reaching consequences


prod120A Host of Resources to Fend Off Cyberattacks

IEEE offers courses, podcasts, and publications to help combat computer-security threats

stand120IEEE Standards on Cybersecurity

They cover a variety of applications, including authentication and data protection

conf120 Upcoming IEEE Conferences Cover Malware and Identity Protection

Other topics include cloud security and mobile privacy


3wLANDINGprofile-1425574404627.jpgChief Scientist of CERT Leads IEEE’s Efforts in Advancing Cybersecurity

Greg Shannon works to safeguard computer systems from serious threats


/img/vid120-1426603164507.jpgCigital's Gary McGraw Talks Malware and Cybersecurity Innovation

The IEEE Senior Member is a leading expert in the field


IEEE’s Evolving Role in Cybersecurity

Video features the organization's latest projects in securing systems